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If you own a gun for self-defense, you need another layer of protection. USCCA Membership is different than CCW insurance or concealed carry insurance. Along with legal and financial protection up to $2,250,000*, you’ll secure access to the finest community of like-minded Americans and award-winning service.

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The Elite level legal defense limit of $250,000 for Self-Defense SHIELD: Criminal Defense, Bail Bond Funding & Attorney Retainer which is cumulative covering pre-trial, trial, appeal, retrial in the case of hung jury or appeal win. Does this seem high enough with costs of everything it covers, especially a retrial. Would it be possible to have the option for a higher amount, and charge extra for those who want it. Much like a rider on home insurance.

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I can definitely make that suggestion, @DanLV.

Please remember, if you are found guilty the coverage for that self-defense incident ends as the legal protection does not cover illegal activity.