Question about coverage

I was asked if our insurance covers any tool/weapon in a self defense encounter, not just firearms. Has anyone else had this question and how did you answer?


That’s a great question.

All Legal Weapons Covered
Never second-guess your actions or weapon choice –
Self-Defense SHIELD covers all legal weapons of opportunity.

What constitutes a "legal weapon of opportunity " might vary depending on where you reside. You can probably check to find out what might be covered, or I would recommend calling the hotline to get definite answers on what would be covered in your state.


When purchasing this membership, I was sworn by the representative our legal protection to cover any self-defense encounter(There are way too many to name, use your imagination and even then you won’t get a billion scenarios). The polite man said you may use any can and may use any weapon in the just cause of fearing your life or immediate threat to others (Life of Death) I answered him back probably with the inner thought from him “Randalls Insane” Upon asking,

"Let’s say for instance ummmm I have a hammer in my reach at that moment, we are covered, correct?" "YES" If it same to you using your hands…YOU ARE PROTECTED!

Also @MikeB we are a membership that provides legal protection to our fellow members in the unfortunate event you are in the real event of having to defend the life of family end that of your very own life too (I made you think of your life last because I know the feeling thinking that thought about my loved ones) If in and lets say IT DOES result of justifiable homicide or assaulting the assailant with the weapon to subdue him for law-enforcement. Covered

USCCA always cover the amount in the terms of purchase as well as cover up to the limit for our members also anybody with your permission and in the house/lease/apartment/ stopping at the door In addition into that but as it holds everybody under the roof under a umbrella of protection and unlikely as it may sound and we pray never to occur but again in this unlikely scenario…its real cases but if for and in the event your precious child has to defend their life or your own life in that just cause covered but the umbrella protection stopping at the door into the yard back or front, it ends if in the door(The space between a door and outside concrete/unpaved ground and the distance inside).

Allow me to tell you why this membership way, way better than any legal insurance its for the cause the USCCA IS DEVOTED with the right resources along with the right team to educate and train you! Our mission solely based on the mission of educating and training our members and providing legal expenses if need be (let’s pray that never happens, BUT horrible things do happen, Mike, as you know or you would not be here).

The USCCA takes. mental issues very serious lord forbid but need bit you need psychological treatment for any metal diagnosis after but caused by that tragic event unfolds, therefore, would be allotted not only the adequate resources but the soul basis of the imperative need some or all funds in paying psychological doctors, counselors, physiologist and so on and If these reasons are the reason for missing work, our membership compensates for wages.** Believe it or not all cases don’t end in jail, civil, or death for the criminal, but other issues. For instance, you did NOT kill the assailant but was shot but survived expected to survive and police say you are cleared and being justices and he knows civil court want do him no good but you shot Mr. Joe’s car he washes every weekend. Well, Mr, Joe going to bother you until its paid and he threating civil action himself…the damages for Mr. Joe, or John Doe for all you know …they will help you out bro!

Our legal protection although THE BEST out of any and every other paying up to amount funds for both accusations of civil and criminal charges of up two-million dollars if need be Whatever you have in your individual membership it with two (2) million being the Elite. I switched THIS month and will pay a pro-rated amount from the remaining amount of platinum calculated with the advantages of the elite. You can always change your membership and members’ spouses get up to 72% off as well as veterans get discounted a serious number, thinking like 10% I don’t want to lie. (Between us we are family …you are my brother from another mother) mental health % off seriously in and after that tragic event unfolds, therefore, we allotted not only the adequate resources but the imperative need for and of funds in paying psychological doctors, counselors, physiologist and so on and If these reasons are the reason for missing work, our membership compensates for wages…

Lastly and importantly, BOND. IF the USCCA was to be under the restraints of complicated insurance laws in giving the members(family) help to resolved therefore we would not be able to come bail you out, Likewise in Louisiana with the highest state of most incarcerated per capita would be THREE (3) years bro one could sit for trial. Now, provided in the membership is bail amount conditions the USCCA pays up to that to come to get you before the ink drys on your booking paperwork in jail and need bond BOOM done!

. The law has placed criminal laws that penalize such actions and if they had a no cap insurance such as you have heard with others (Get what fits your individual needs…we don’t judge you, we thank you for choosing to protect yourself and others provided under out 2A right) the state would make it to where you would not be able to pick the lawyer of your choice, but again be restrained by the restrains in law and coverage terms. contacts and specific agreement in the paperwork. Greed is the only word I’m hearing with the word… **INSURANCE!

I have a friend of mine, I would preferably like the case. Don’t you like choosing? Me too, this is the land of the free and home of the brave! God bless friends and thanks even if you provided that you don’t go with us. We will have you back if your new lover gets to legalistic… Sir, sign here and there this and how what and when that, sir that and this…

VVVV State Farm if they sold carry InsuranceVVVV

*Sir, sign here and there this and that how and when what but if and when that, sir that and this… *
“Oh, initial here stating if you were for some reason under these terms outside eating a hot dog by the pool when it starts/drizzles/begins raining/ or begin to rain oh or raining already and you have to defend your life… well… we won’t cover in THAT event but SIR don’t worry THAT WANT HAPPEN to ANYBODY” -sign truly your Greddy insurance co.

  • You think that’s okay but lo and behold you have to defend your life while eating a hot dog by the pool and it just so happens it starts to sprinkle on your head while calling for 9-1-1

Therefore, I sincerely love the United States Concealed Carry Association. and, please stay here Anybody can join the commuinty! So, stay around!

Yours truly

Randall W. Anderson
Proud USCCA member & Affiliate. (Oh, and brother just another mother kind of brother)


Sorry @MikeB you are not only a member but staff…:rofl::rofl:

I think my answer to the representative helps… skip the explanation of why USCCA

Sometimes I get carried away!


Here are the pertinent definitions in the Self Defense Shield terms and conditions.
“J. “Legally possessed” means the member, by operation of the applicable:

  1. Local;
  2. State;
  3. Federal; or
  4. Other jurisdictional
    law, is authorized to own or use the firearm or other weapon. “Legally possessed” includes the use of a firearm regardless of any violation of a conceal carry or similar law.
    K. “Occurrence” means the use of a “legally possessed” firearm or other “legally possessed” weapon in an “act of self-defense” by the member. “

Weapon is not defined so it should come down to using anything “legally possessed” regardless of whether it is a deadly weapon (usually defined by law) or a dangerous instrument (anything that can be used or misused asa a weapon).


Thank you all for your responses, in regard to how I answered. This was my response, I will inquire and get back to you with a hard answer as I do not want to give you bad information.