What if situations based on true crimes

By showing without having his hand on his weapon he MIGHT be revealing that he does not have the intent to shoot you if you give him what he wants. But maybe he is just confident in his quick draw and wants you to hand over your wallet before he shoots and makes a quick get away.

A deadly threat has clearly been made but drawing and defending yourself may not be the best option since it could easily escalate a situation that could be deescalated in other ways. This is why I carry a money clip with a little cash and a CC card in one pocket and my wallet in another. I would likely talk calmly to him while pulling out the money clip and tossing it at him. While at the same time initiating my next action which would most likely be running away, but could be diving for cover and/or drawing and maybe shooting depending on my read of the criminals intent and the lay of the land around me.


@Alexander8 , I do agree but I have to think of their safety before mine, can’t in danger their life because I grow up in the streets.


I get your point… It is a very hard question, what you do when you are responsible for your family, it may skew how you read the situation and opponent(s).


That is if he isn’t pissed off at the amount you gave him or you looked at him wrong and “disrespected” him by the way you handed it to him and kills you anyway. I have a mindset that I don’t play roulette with what I think a thug’s mindset is on a given day. I would rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6 any day.

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I’m going to start keeping those fake CC’s I get from every credit card company each week, add a dollar.:+1:


I actually keep one real CC card in my clip with about $20. This way if a crook is watching me at the gas pump or in line at the grocery store they will see I am actually using the money clip and not my real wallet with all my other cards and ID. I can cancel the CC card if they get it. Not all crooks are that observant but some are.

When I traveled to Central America a few years ago I carried a full spare wallet with an old drivers license, paper passport copy, one good CC and some old ones to accounts I no longer had along with a days worth of cash. My passport, real CCs and extra cash were in a well hidden wallet.

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Well, if I had money I’d give it to him and leave. My son has a second mock-up wallet with real looking stuff in it. I might have to do that and keep $20 in in in ones, a five an ten. I would want a fake address on id. Fake name would be good too. But nothing illegal. Just misinformation from the state of Atlantis.

No, we don’t really ever know what the outcome will be, and I am glad that you are thinking about how you may react in this kind of scenario. My thinking is that most criminals (not all, but most) don’t want to bring more attention to themselves than needed. Robbing someone at gunpoint is a terrible thing, but homicide is even worse. If they can get your money, most of the time they will leave and not escalate further.

The other thought is, does he have a friend with him that I don’t see? If I shoot him, would his buddy then use force against me?

In the end, I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer and I pray I, nor anyone here, ever needs to deal with a situation like this.


Agree with that 100%. I always think scenarios over in my head, especially when in public and/or unfamiliar surroundings. What will I do if…. Scenarios. Many people now have enemies that they never had before. They were created by our so-called “leaders”. They have divided us into so many warring classes. It disgusts me. But I sir, WILL NOT be a victim of someone’s “baby” who was just on his way to Sunday school in the hood that he just needed a ride, in your car. He wouldn’t have killed you though because “my baby” wasn’t raised that way. If I’ve heard that once I’ve heard it a thousand times. This is one of the big reasons I’m a member of USCCA.

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