What does red flag laws mean?

I am 100% against red flag laws, I believe if somebody is actually a threat to themselves or others and has demonstrated that threat then they should be put forth in front of a jury and face their accusers, and go into either a mental facility or prison.

The man that agrees with red flag laws says they won’t breach through your door to take them, and I question do they just expect us to willingly hand them in? What if we don’t?

I told him that swat teams use flash bang grenades and that flash bang grenades have ended up in baby’s cribs.

The past 2 years we have seen dozens of people hurt, killed, and prosecuted over no-knock raids.

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My problem with Red Flag laws is that “like always” they target the gun. The police now have the right to kick in the door and seize the firearms of an individual. Then they leave the guy/girl/hesheit standing in their own house with no firearms and really PISSED OFF. NOW they have to hire a lawyer to “PROVE” they are innocent of whatever thoughts some “well intentioned person” has provided the PD. Any of us are subject to a “no-knock” if a judge/magistrate signs off on it. That hasn’t changed but now, “WE” don’t get taken to jail, just our guns and ammo are, which the variety, quantity and accootremon will be used against us.

Why instead don’t Red Flag Laws take the “suspect” (remember you have been accused not convicted of being what ever whoever says you are) into custody. Have a mental evaluation and either determine that you are or are not mentally unstable. If it is determined that you are stable your accuser gets 30 - 180 days in the Hooskow for a false accusation. If you are cracked then by all means throw your a$$ in the looney bin.

They know where you live, they know what you drive, they know where you work, it’s not rocket science to pull you over on the way to work for a “traffic violation” and stuff you in the back of a cruiser. On the flip side there is a lot of danger that goes into kicking in a door at 0430 against someone you know is armed, stable or unstable.




It’s the perfect infringement with their dream of confiscation! They are not sending Beto they are sending your neighbors and your brothers, Nazi style! I try not to interact with humans anymore. Maybe the grocery store, say thank you with a smile and leave!


You always hear the argument that an ex or someone with their own agenda could just call and report the gun owner.
Before a red flag law would even begin to interest me there would have to be serious consequences for a false report.
Like felony charges and the ability of the accused to sue for damages.
Even then it would be a hard sell.


Not to mention that it is unconstitutional. Can’t believe this is even a thing, but the lunatics ARE running the asylum.


This is the scary part, defending yourself and your loved one from a home invasion or a police raid, who is going to win? NO ONE!