Another domino falls....not good (Red Flag Law)

I’d really like to know who is objective enough to deem someone dangerous and how many people have to state they’re dangerous to be a real threat?

Someone could be a danger and never reported. Someone could not be anywhere near being a danger and reported a bunch because they speak their mind to the wrong people…


“In other words, there is just over a 50/50 chance of accuracy,” van Beek wrote, noting that someone’s guns could be seized even without a mental health professional making a determination of any kind. “Like the flip of a coin. Couldn’t that apply to just about anything a person does?” Quote taken from linked article

:angry: so LE decides so is and isn’t a danger depending on the reports that come across their desk. Ridiculous


This is something that they are trying to push thru Tennessee as well and it always fails. Just hope they never get it pushed thru here.


Interpretation, no due process, no controls… The fact that the door is open to eliminate our constitutional rights based solely on an accusation is troublesome.

There is, however, hope. Some of our nations Sheriff’s have refused to enforce these laws.

In addition to constitutional rights, this has the potential to be very dangerous to our hero’s in blue. God Bless Them!


I forgot to mention…Start calling and emailing your representatives now if this hasn’t made it to your state. Building the foundation early is the best defense against these ridiculous left wing laws. :us::us::us:


All it takes with these red flag laws is one jolted girlfriend/boyfriend/ex-spouse…one pissed off family member who doesn’t like the fact you didn’t come to the family reunion…to go to the local PD and tell them you’re “dangerous” and your 2nd as wells your 4th Amendment rights go right out the door…and good luck in getting those weapons back in any reasonable amount of time.

I’m glad the El Paso County (Colorado Springs) sheriff has said he’s not going to enforce it.

What’s really head scratching is how many so called “pro 2A” members of congress are in favor of these laws.

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Very true, @txradioguy! Colorado Springs is beautiful!

One scorned person reporting a “threat” would be enough to cause a lot of commotion and grief for a responsible gun owner. :frowning:


@Dawn I love the fact I can see Pikes Peak out my living room window. :slight_smile:

And you’re right one person calling in a “threat” will cause years of problems for a gun owner.

I wonder if this is something down he road that USCCA could/should/would address in the coverage that members have?

I see it becoming a real problem. You’ve got social media snowflakes and SJW’s that will use this law in all the ways it was never intended to be used in the name of “justice” and as a way to circumvent the 2A and the states that aren’t California and New York.

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Ugh, I hadn’t thought about the keyboard warriors reporting someone for something they may have posted on social media. Just another reason to be polite when we carry, right @txradioguy?

My brother went to the AFA a while back (not going to give away his age or mine :smiley: ) and we took a few trips up Pikes Peak! Beautiful country! Love Garden of the Gods too - dang I need to travel more!


Cross posting this for visibility - if you’re in Alabama, you’ll want to read it.

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So, while we are on the subject of red flag laws, does our membership in USCCA include legal assistance for a member that happens to get “red flagged”?

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Hi @Crispin that’s a great question! @Dawn should be able to find out for us.
And welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Crispin!

Please see update below.


Thanks for the info, way too much possibility for abuse with this horrible unconstitutional law, hopefully this is struck down quickly!


There are so many police and sheriff departments that refuse to enforce it.

The scary thing to me is that there cannot be a blanket application either way. The false reports will mask any people who truly need help.

We will definitely be watching this situation!

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Is this Tim saying USCCA is working on protections if members end up wrongly served with Extreme Protection Orders?

Hey everyone, I put this post up on my Facebook page because I want you to have the peace of mind knowing that the USCCA has our Members backs.

I understand you have questions about the specifics of how that will happen in the event of an unfounded ‘Red Flag’ or ERPO situation. I am still working out the details and will share more as they are finalized.


Thank you @Tim. And very nice to see you here in the online community!

Thanks Tim! Sounds like USCCA coverage just gets better and better.

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