What Does Closing the Border Mean?

Today’s AP …

Biden says that he would close the border. But the bipartisan bill currently before Congress is probably a dead letter as Trump opposes it promising to do something (what?) when he is in office.

President Biden has said he’d shut the US-Mexico border if given the ability. What does that mean? (msn.com)

“A bipartisan bill would be good for America and help fix our broken immigration system and allow speedy access for those who deserve to be here, and Congress needs to get it done,” Biden said over the weekend. “It’ll also give me as president, the emergency authority to shut down the border until it could get back under control. If that bill were the law today, I’d shut down the border right now and fix it quickly.”

What “closing the border” means, according to the article (not my words for those of you will start shouting at me claiming this is what I said) is:


No. Trade would continue, people who are citizens and legal residents could continue to go back and forth.

Biden is referencing an expulsion authority being negotiated by the lawmakers that would automatically kick in on days when illegal crossings reached more than 5,000 over a five-day average across the Southern border, which is currently seeing as many as 10,000 crossings per day. The authority shuts down asylum screenings for those who cross illegally. Migrants could still apply at ports of entry until crossings dipped below 3,750 per day. But these are estimates, the final tally hasn’t been ironed out.

There’s also an effort to change how asylum cases are processed. Right now, it takes several years for a case to be resolved and in the meantime, many migrants are released into the country to wait. Republicans see that as one reason that additional migrants are motivated to come to the U.S.

The goal would be to shrink the resolution time to six months. It would also raise the standards for which migrants can apply for asylum in the first place. The standard right now is broad by design so that potential asylum seekers aren’t left out, but critics argue the system is being abused.

Yes. Trump vowed to “shut down” the U.S-Mexico border entirely — including to trade and traffic — in an effort to force Mexico to do more to stem the flow of migrants. He didn’t follow through, though.


This is a better than nothing step but I doubt it will come anywhere close to solving the problem. I also don’t think it is realistically possible to shut the whole border down.

But letting people who cross the border illegally know that they are not welcome, ever, and will not receive any government support, work visas or paths to citizenship, ever, would likely slow the deluge down quite a bit.

I would also consider building in a grace period for those who already illegally crossed. Voluntarily leave the U.S. within the next 6 months and be eligible to apply to legally come into the U.S. after a 6 month wait. First people out get first crack at having their cases reviewed. Access would not be guaranteed but would be based on asylum or work qualifications. We could even give them a bus, train or plane ticket back to their country of origin or other suitable location along with some cash for travel. Would be a lot cheaper than the alternative of watching our already overwhelmed social safety nets collapse under the weight of millions of additional people trying to access them every year.


Close means closed!!! No one in!!! What biden has purposed, will not help!!! What Texas is doing is!!! The 3 year biden phuck up has to be fixed first!!!


We have immigration laws on the books! There is nothing else required but to enforce those laws. We all know that another bill will simply contain a bunch of “crap” that the two sides will “compromise” on that will ultimately hurt all of us (except those in office) in one form or other.


Biden is also asking for funding for “1,300 plus more Border Patrol Agents, 375 New Immigration judges, 1,600 new asylum officers and. 100 scanners to stop fentanyl.”

Meanwhile illegals are getting free healthcare, free access to educational programs, and monthly stipends while legal homeless and homeless veterans are ignored.

Biden does not want to control or slow down migrants; he wants to control and process them faster.


Exactly!! It is still 100% illegal to cross the border at anything other than an approved port of entry and by undergoing inspection by US customs and border partol.

Assuming by “close the border” FJB means stopping illegal entry at non-ports, he just openly admitted that he’s, at minimum, currently not enforcing existing law like he’s required to, or, worse, committing an actual crime by assisting illegal entry at non ports. Helping someone come in and/or stay in the country illegally is actually illegal. He has admitted that he COULD stop the invasion, but he’s chosen not to.

WE HAVE IMMIGRATION LAWS ALREADY!! We just want them enforced! Blaming congress is the biggest diversion/smokescreen I’ve seen yet out of any president,
real or fake.


The migration crisis has all the hallmarks of an issue that politicians will rail about, but, in the end, do nothing about. Much like abortion was the rallying cry of Republicans for the last 50 years (“Vote for me! I’m pro-life!”) the migration crisis is now what they use to motivate their political base ("Vote for me! “I’ll protect our southern border and build a wall to keep everyone out!”) but do nothing.

None of the “solutions” are focused on why masses of people are leaving their homes and heading to the US. They all seem focused on treating the issue as a law enforcement issue and not on asking “So why are people leaving their homes and heading to the US?” Addressing the “why” of migration is critical to actually solving this problem.


The “why” is either, literally, world hunger, or to do us harm. I don’t care how the local meth head became an addict, and what went wrong in his life, or why the serial killer is a serial killer. My job number one is to keep them out of my house.


Oh, and by the way, a lot of the people being brought to the border have been lied to about what to expect here, so they leave their homes expecting something that isn’t true. Opening the border has created a whole industry of human trafficking.


The immigration system is not “broken”, many just don’t LIKE it because there is a process and there is not a guarantee of being allowed in.
Also, there is no “deserve” to be let in.

If you meet the criteria and are allowed, you get in.
If not, you don’t.


Because our government is paying them to come.

True, it should be met with military force. You cross, you die. You want to come to the USA? There are many legal means to do so.


Your proof of this???

I assume you are not being serious. Free travel, housing, food, medical, etc., just for starters.


Click bait. The purpose of the story seems to be that people from not native to the US are dangerous … see? they attack policemen. All these people are dangerous. It is biased media reporting that people decry when the left does it, but not if it’s reported on Fox

Including children, I suppose. Good luck getting the military to kill people who cross the border.

So they will refuse to stop an invasion? LOL Okay, I will play. 14-year-olds are commonly used as soldiers in many countries. No babies will be crossing by themselves. Can you contort your post any further?


If you shut down the rides no one comes to the amusement park!

Nothing free! If you did not use proper protocol to apply for student visa, work visa, green card, or asylum etc.



So how exactly do you close a 2000 mile long border? Is it magic? How about we add: “funding for “1,300 plus more Border Patrol Agents, 375 New Immigration judges, 1,600 new asylum officers and. 100 scanners to stop fentanyl.” GOP keeps denying funding for border protection.

Hmmm … I get it that children are used as soldiers in some countries, so you take that to mean that all the children crossing the border (with or without parents) are soldiers who our military should be ordered to kill because it’s an invasion. I doubt that anyone in the US military would follow such an order to kill children.