What classifies as small of back carry?

I was looking at an article for small of back carry to see other pros and cons and it shows that carrying behind the hip is small of back. I thought small of back is where you carry your gun at the base of your spine.
Can someone clear up my confusion?

Small of back is comfortable but also a bad position. It’s at the lower spine. So if you fall and land on your back your firearm is hitting hard at the lower spine.


That’s what I’ve read @ShawnT . @Tankrachet86 said that as long as you don’t fall flat on your back you’re all good.
Now I also read that it’s also a bad idea to carry small of back because you put yourself at a disadvantage by reaching around your body to draw your gun. I guess it’d take longer too compared to drawing it off your side?

Yeah that was one of the negatives.

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I carry center of low back… but I also blade myself when I go to draw down on my target… not sure if that makes a difference… but truly it’s what your comfortable with


Why do you blade yourself when you draw from small of back @Tankrachet86?

I’m a wide shoulder guy I walk through most doors and it’s a good chance my shoulders will take up most of a doorway… so I blade to cut my shilloute down

If you look at my profile pic I standing in front of a 28 in door… lol

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Oh. So you blade yourself to make your body a harder target?

Yea… depending on situation and space I can drop my suitable size by 1/4th to maybe even a 1/3

Only time I square off is with my vest on because I have hard plates in place…

I’ve thought of getting body armor but it’s so expensive and I don’t have a job that pays enough to warrant such a purchase.

I think I payed total of like 190… and the plates cover me up to 30-06 armor piercing…

For the plate plus carrier or just the plate? And what company did you buy from?

AR500, I got my vest for 100 and the plates were on sale at the time…

Did you get the square plates or the plates with slants to accommodate for your arms? And is your carrier comfortable?

They are called shooter plates, they are notches on the top to allow more functional use of my arms

Oh I didn’t realize the angles at the top near the shoulders were shooter plates. I just knew they gave you more functional use of your arms without the plate digging in them when you try to shoot.

Well standard plates are a little wider on top, they look the same until you stack a shooter plate on top of a normal plate… then you notice the shooter plates are maybe 1/2 in narrower at top end.

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Great points about blading stance.

I do TKD and we’re taught the blade stance (called something different). When I was in a defensive situation when I knew I’d have to defend myself, I instinctively went into an isosceles stance.

That being said, this is a great article about stance that will make you think… https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/shooting-stance-important/