Back Problems Due To Carry Position?

Has anyone ever had to adjust or change their EDC placement due to back problems? I usually carry @ 4 or 5 o’clock on my strong arm side but lately have experienced significant back problems, especially lower back pain on the opposite side.

Have your doctors ever confirmed that holster placement can cause such pain?

Seems like everything causes back problems.
Have you tried switching positions to see if that helps?

@Mark438 - welcome to the community.

If you sit with your weapon at 4:00-5:00, I can see how that can result in back pain. I sit all day long for work. I started carrying IWB at 7:00 (I’m left-handed) and changed to under my offside arm (in an Undertech Undercover tank top) after carrying IWB for a while. I have been carrying under my offside arm for a couple of years now and it is very comfortable, quite concealable, and easy enough to draw if I ever need to.

I also occasionally carry at my offside ankle.

Your personal circumstances and clothing are going to dictate how you can and cannot carry.

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Mark, welcome.
I noticed back pain a couple of years ago due to a holster, but it was a thigh holster with a 1911 in it, and I was in the mountains of WY hunting.
I can see how it could happen, depending on the gun and how much ‘flop’ there is–do you keep it tight to the body in an IWB or is it a OWB?

I really struggle with this because I’m so skinny. I’ve tried tucking up front but I can’t really sit down. Everywhere else it becomes very obvious that I am armed because I’m so skinny the gun just sticks out. Concealed is very important to me, I don’t like making people uncomfortable. I even went from a full sized 9mm to a Glock 43.

IWB, 5 o’clock, as concealed as possible.

Welcome @Mark438!

I found IWB 4:00-5:00 was very uncomfortable when sitting. 3:30 for me was most comfortable even in the car.

The other necessary adjustment was my belt to properly set how high/low my pants sit on my hip so that the grip does not dig into my ribs.

I have some pretty ugly back issues. I carry a full size guns too. The belt makes a difference, and the holster will make another big difference. Placement is another. I have more issues with holsters that do not suck the gun in tight to my side. I do use an IWB, but far far prefer OWB in nice and tight. Carrying AIWB has worked well too if I am out and moving.

I use iwb and owb, depending on situation , kydex, a sticky, or cloth. That being said, sometimes the belly band holster is the best choice, pretty comfortable and can actually add some back support. To Mark438, when I want the least printing and the most comfort, a G43 in a bellyband at 3 o’clock is pretty comfortable and very unobtrusive. I have 2 bellyband holsters, one cheap, thinner, less support, good for a subcompact, and the other thicker like a back brace, with a couple mag holders.
Old back injuries, ribs as well, having broken 7 of them to go with the disc and vertebrae compressions and ruptures. These days, the bones aren’t too bad, but the muscles like to tighten and spasm, so I find an inversion table and stretching to be invaluable. Best stretch for lower back pain in my case is laying on stomach and resting on elbows. Takes some doing some days to get to there, but relief is in minutes.

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I’m sorry, AIWB?

Every old cop can tell you chronic pain due to carrying guns, cuffs, radios, etc. daily is a common occupational hazard of EVERY carry position known to humanity. Just be glad you aren’t carrying a concealed broad sword or hatchet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Appendix Inside the Waist Band.

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I’m guessing these dudes don’t have to sit at a desk all day…

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Hey Mark, yes is the short answer. I typically get an adjustment about once a week and it seems to help but I have back issues anyways due to the military and a car accident and all I can say is…carrying does make it worse. When I’ve travelled to areas where can’t carry, I notice it alleviates the pain so I know it’s related. Motrin or alcohol and chiropractic adjustments are a nice way to deal with it.

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By me being very slim at 5’9” and 144lbs, I have realized for comfort with IWB I carry best AIWB. All other positions are just to uncomfortable pressing against bones. Lol


Same - car accident when I was young seems to be rearing its ugly head once again. Glad I’m not the only one drinking to help ease pain at night. Not my favorite option, but need to sleep somehow.

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Oh the perils of being born skinny. :slightly_frowning_face:


#Mark438. Not skin just slim thank you. :joy:

One word…chiropractor