What are you reading/watching/listening to for fun? (not firearms related)


Hi all, thought it might be fun to find out what you’re reading / watching / listening to that’s not firearms related…
I’m a fan of zombie fiction and here’s my most recent recreational listen Rich Restucci - Chaos Theory Trilogy:

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The world has fallen to a relentless enemy beyond reason or mercy. With no remorse they rend the planet with tooth and nail. One man stands against the scourge of death that consumes all. Rude. Arrogant. Criminal. This is the person who is to save humanity from the countless numbers of savage undead now roaming the earth. A savior who is immune. The government wants him. The dead want to eat him. His friends need him. Teamed with a genius survivalist and a teenage girl, he must flee the teeming dead, the evils of humans left unchecked, and those that would seek to use him. His best weapon to stave off the horrors of this new world? His wit.

If you can do audiobooks I highly recommend the audio version - they’re brilliantly read and totally capture the irreverent sardonic humor of the main character.

What are you reading / watching / listening to for fun?


Wait, there’s reading for fun?? :rofl:


Ok, ok, maybe not… but I drive a lot so there’s audiobooks for fun :smiley:

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NCIS. I love Gibbs. Later in the week it’ll be House. We were watching one night and my wife said “Oh God, I’m married to House.” This was uttered after one of his smart alleck comments.


ha! @JKetchem :grimacing::joy: I’m a Gibbs fan too :slight_smile:
and pretty much anything forensic works for me :slight_smile:


I swear, there’s nothing good on TV these days. When I watch it’s some kind of marathon, like NCIS, House, Andy Griffin, Frasier or something of the sort. Just can’t get into the newer shows.


You’ll never guess what show my boyfriend is watching as I’m on the Community right now! Back to back episodes of NCIS. :wink:

I did just listen to “You’re a BadA_ _” by Jen Sincero. Awesome book!


The previous episode made me think about a conversation here, so I popped on. Rule 9, never go anywhere without a knife. LOL


I just finished rewatching Hell on Wheels and I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption II.


Game of Thrones

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Rewatching That 70’s Show and Married With Children. My wife says I have a lot in common with Red Foreman.


We don’t watch TV either, we buy a lot of movies with iTunes and use Apple TV. I’ve been on a David Gilmour kick lately so I’ve been playing his live concert, great Pink Floyd songs and my favorites are

Comfortably Numb

and his solo artist song On an Island


It’s been all Game of Thrones at the office… I’m waiting for the season to come out on DVD


I watch movies and TV shows on NETFLIX AND AMAZON that I have on my watch lists. I found some Old TV Shows that I grew up watching and I’ve either saved them or bought them. They are THE ORIGINAL FIREBIRDS, STING RAY, SUPER CAR, JOE90, CAPTAIN SCARLET, AND FIREBALL XL5. All were done with puppets. I also have on DVD some of the RED SKELTON SHOW, AUTOMAN, STREET HAWK, MAX HEADROOM, AND BLUE THUNDER.


m m m Max Headroom :smiley: yes!

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I don’t really watch TV that much. Listen to talk radio out of Nashville,TN and listen to KLOVE Christian radio as I’m driving or sleeping more than anything else.


Huge fan of KLOVE too! I’ve been lucky enough to see Chris Tomlin in concert twice. All of the other acts with him were awesome too!


@Dawn Jason Crabb will be at the Cornbread festival in Southern Pittsburgh,TN on April 28th and my wife and I are going to be there for sure!!


Ok I dont think I have ever seen AUTOMAN but I do remember “God Bless and Good Night”.

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I just watched The Dirt on Netflix. Motley Effin’ Crue! :smiling_imp: :skull_and_crossbones: :star_struck: