What Are the Most Gun-Friendly States for Gun Owners? | USCCA

You may have heard individuals or organizations grade or score states based on their firearms laws from the least to most restrictive. Determining if a state is “gun friendly” is a matter of opinion, but there is some truth to it. Are you curious about which states are the friendliest to gun owners? Or the least? Well, we’ve compiled a list for you. Hopefully, for your own sake, your home state is at the top of the list.

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I didn’t see Maine on the list… Maine now has 'Constitutional Carry" And for years, a Maine resident could purchase a handgun, any long gun (not fully automatic), and as many as he or she wanted with a simple background check (20 minutes or less).

Interesting… I thought OK should have been on there. OK and WV are the most conservative states in the US. I think the map of the US in the USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter shows these two states are the only states in the US that have ALL red counties. There is one state in the US that has all blue counties, Hawaii.

BTW, at your next get together, this is a great trivia question to ask. Nobody ever guesses the Hawaii one.

You would think the “Battle Born” state of NV would be on the top but Clark and Washoe counties try to ruin it for everyone

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I too expected to see Maine listed, it meets their criteria for being a gun friendly state as far as I can see. I know they were not very friendly to reciprocity of permits from other states before they became a constitutional carry state. Maybe thats it.

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I did not see Texas on the list. Why? I don’t see anything on the list that would keep Texas of the list.

I was surprised to not see North Dakota on the list. What needs to change? I would like to start contacting legislators.

Texas is not a constitutional carry state; requiring a permit knocks it off the “friendliest” list.

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Correct, contrary to what most people think, we here in Texas are not the freest nor are we the most gun friendly state. There are many restrictions on our LTC holders. We run about middle of the road on free and firearms as compared to other states.

Anywhere other than NYC and Cali.