What 6 state's constitutions don't include the right to bear arms?


Do you know which 6 state’s constitutions don’t include the right to bear arms? No googling before you answer!

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

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You can find the answer here - after you guess!


Learned something on this one


I was super surprised on this one! That’s why I thought I’d put up the poll - definitely worth doing/reading the article!

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I got 4 right. The 4 didn’t surprise me.


Me too… not the list I expected!

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I got all of these right…guess it helps being a truck driver and knowing your socialist/ communists states as we call them out on the road. Also helps that I am always talking to other driver’s on the c.b. and learning what their state gun laws are like.


That’s awesome, @Damon! Do you know a lot of drivers who carry? I’ve heard from a number of truck drivers who carry via our other social media pages.


@Dawn There’s about half a dozen that work for the same company I do who carries and I know about 50 driver’s that are up and down the same roads I run that carry even though the company says if you are caught with weapons of any kind it’s automatic termination. With a clean record (no accidents period and no tickets) we can always find another job tomorrow and be back behind the wheel.


Very interesting. As we all know so well, even with a constitutional guarantee to the right to keep and bear arms, there will always be others constantly trying to restrict or eliminate that right. Always remain vigilant in your state!


Never underestimate truck drivers. When Illinois finally legalized tinted windows, it was because the Cancer Society cited skin cancer cases among truck drivers. Truck drivers could be the court case for national carry reciprocity.


That makes a lot of sense

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We’ll all be there with the truckers, @45IPAC!


I got five correct. I just didn’t know that Iowa was one and I chose Illinois. :frowning_face: Not bad though. Five out of Six! My own state (New Jersey) was a NO-BRAINER! So was neighboring New York.

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@45IPAC The truck drivers are also pushing for a national carry permit so we don’t have to worry about the reciprocity agreement between states anymore. Many are with the NRA in the federal court right now fighting for the right to carry nation wide, but we all know that it’s a up hill battle.