Welcome to the Community! Please Introduce Yourself

@Thomas53 Hi Thomas, welcome here. I’m a Vietnam vet US Army. I’m retired Funeral Director/Embalmer, We’re all happy to have you and your wife here. @Zee Husband is also a VNV. and there’s people here from US Navy vets, Air Force, Coast Guard, not exactly sure about Marines? we’re happy to have you just pick out a subject and start talking.


Hi @Thomas53, you are definitely in good company here. @Robert8 has it correctly, my husband was Special Forces in Vietnam. And we’ve got a surprisingly high number of women here as well. Hope you will both find a conversation and jump in :grin:

@Lester, what part of Wyoming? when I was in college my first husband and I spent a lot of time in Cheyenne
Here are some classes when I search on Rapid City, doesn’t look like any in the immediate area, but some may work for you.


here are some instructors in South Dakota:


you can adjust your search on either of those links to tune the area. Hopefully that’ll help you get started.

@TXLivin and @Lester, and the other vets and active duty folks I missed in the last week or two, from our military family to you and yours, Thank You for your service.

Hello to everyone. Pretty new to the USCCA and very excited to the journey ahead of me. Looking for lots of help from everyone here.

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Welcome to the community

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Ex military, Pro 2A, open to debate almost anything. I firmly believe in the Constitution , in its entirety, not just what benefits me. All of it, to me it is a living and breathing document.


Welcome @James47 jump in and ask anything you want to know. Lots of threads with tons of information!
@Zavier_D you’re in good company here on both counts, and thank you for serving.

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I met a couple of new people while I was waiting for some paperwork. They were new to CC so I asked them if they had heard about the USCCA (as I pointed at my shirt).

I gave them both a brief explanation of what it was and told them there is no cost to check it out and at the very least they should joint the community for some great conversations and information in a safe non threatening environment.

I think we will have some new members soon :wink:


Thanks John. Appreciate it!

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Hey Guys:
My name is Anthony Marchese and I live in Florida. I’ve been carrying a firearm for several years. I am by no means an expert. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid. I used to shoot regularly as a teenager, but I went several years totally away from the firearms community because of finances, life commitments, and living in a city (NY) that makes it extremely difficult to legally own. I always feel like a novice when I’m around guys who really know their stuff. With that in mind, be ready for some possibly stupid questions. I feel like I have so much to learn yet. I want to join the USCCA, but still dealing with short finances.
I hope I can learn more on this site and when I can contribute something from my life experience I hope I can make a difference to someone.


@Anthony18, welcome to the group :slight_smile:
I’m guessing you’re already making a difference to someone, just by being the one who will take responsibility for your own safety, and of those you love.
Glad you’re here.

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Welcome sir! I am glad someone else is from Florida. Have a great time with all of us.

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It’s been a really busy week and I’m running behind on welcoming all of these awesome people who have visited the USCCA Online Community for the first time in the last week(-ish)!

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Please say hi if you see them in the Community!


Just goin’ with :scream: :grin: so many new folks!!
Welcome y’all!


Welcome ALL of you !!! :+1:
More people to discuss with, more people with experience, more people with new ideas !!!
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What are we trying to do here?

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Good afternoon, Dawn.

I am a sixty-three year old Christian male in Austin, Texas.

Being concerned about increasing violence in this country, I for the first time in my life

am going to own a gun, and carry it in a concealed manner.

I am not a “gun person,” and really want nothing to do with guns. It appears, though, that

that is no longer an option. Young people in this country are not learning proper values as

they grow up, and too many are not learning the skill of proper anger management.

This - https://www.sigsauer.com/store/p365-nitron-micro-compact.html - is my choice.

I might also consider this: https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/blog/40-caliber-gen4-mini-glock-27/ .

If you have an opinion about either or both of these, I would appreciate your sharing it.

Thank you.

John Roberts

Austin, Texas


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Welcome to the Community @Dale6!

I list all of the new people in the Community every week (I’m a little late this week due to a training/work trip) so everyone can watch for the new people in the Community to make them feel welcome!

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Hi group, I’m Linda Pulskamp, an Certified NRA Instructor and I’m happy to meet everyone here. I’m a USCCA member and the benefits that my membership provides are the best in the business. I looked around quite a bit before choosing USCCA. I enjoy the sport of shooting as well as practicing all the self defense techniques that just might save my life someday.