I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to introduce myself-but here I am!

First of all, let me say I am happy to have become a member of the USCCA. It is something I’ve considered for quite a while. It’s time.

I am an avid shooter, and have been shooting for many years. I’m primarily a handgun shooter, but enjoy long guns just as much but not as often.

I have had extensive training in many areas including defensive and tactical handgun, rifle and shotgun. Training has been as diverse as that from the NRA, local training facilities and my favorite and go-to facility, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. I have attended six Front Sight training programs. I make it a point to attend at least one training program per year as Front Sight offers a variety of training on many levels and many platforms. As for the NRA programs, I am an NRA certified handgun instructor, Home Safety and Range Safety Officer. Private training on the local level has been from from former high-ranking military officers with backgrounds in anti-terrorist threat assessment and mitigation.

Almost five years ago I retired from a profession that took me all over the world. That said, for the last several years I have been working part time as an RSO at a local range. I also do some firearms training as well in several disciples.

My wife and children enjoy the shooting sports and wife and daughter both have License To Carry / Concealed Weapons License and carry daily as well.

Needless to say, I carry at all times. With that I’ll close.

Again, I’m happy to be on board with USCCA and all it offers it’s clientele.


@John64 Welcome to USCCA and the community! Your history and experience seems like you will be a great asset to this forum!

Thank you for the welcome. I am here with my husband Micah. I have 3 sons. 2 of them are interested in having guns so I believe it is vital for me to get educated. 1 of my sons owns 2 guns at this time. I believe that he may have interests in applying for a concealed carry permit in the future.

Welcome, come on in and stay a while.

Hi @John64 and welcome. You have quite the resume. Do you live in Texas? I gather you do since you have a LTC. Anyway, welcome!

Hi! First I want to thank my son who is taking care of the bill for me to have protection if ever in need!
I am very new at owning a gun or at least carrying! I have a Walther PPS and at this moment I can say I Love it and it feels fantabulous in my hand but that is as far as it goes! I also have the slight fear of keeping one chambered even though I know it is still safe as long as I keep my finger off the trigger!
I feel I truly need training to feel comfortable carrying it on my person! I have myself and my 9 year old granddaughter. As soon as finances are in better condition I will look into training.
To carry on my waist it causes pain. I have not found anything to feel comfortable I have only used sticky and the hard belt clip. I am not a big person but I have sensitivity when things stay on my skin. So searching for something I am comfortable with is priority!
I did learn quite a lot with the Live and what stands out the most is “ Having prepared words ready” and am I prepared to protect myself and my granddaughter and anyone around. Thank You for the blessing of what you do and to share it with all of us!


Lynda where are you located?

I am in Dothan Alabama!

Check on the USCCA website for concealed carry and home defense classes in your area in the near future. They are not all that expensive and I promise you’ll get a lot of great value from them.

Have you got any experience at all with a pistol? Any formal instruction in the basics?

I have not had formal but I have been shooting in the past with my sons! That was with a small ruger! This one I have not had the opportunity to go practice!

You sound then like a perfect candidate for the USCCA Concealed Carry and Home defense classes. You have a working knowledge and little experience and haven’t yet had a chance to develop too many bad habits or had them ingrained so deeply that training them out will be an issue.

Welcome all. We’re glad to have you.

I also have a PPS, it is one of my concealed carry guns. What I carry depends on where I am going and what I am wearing. Best advice I can give is what you have already stated. Get some training and go shooting as often as you can.


Hi @Lynda and welcome! So glad to have you with us. You may want to check out the forum “Concealed Carry for Women,” as there is a lot of talk about holsters, corsets, and other methods of carry that applies specifically to women. I’ve gotten a lot of help from the women and men here on that very subject, and I hope you can, too. As you try out a new holster, you’ll want to wear it around the house, too, to get the feel for it and to get used to it. Welcome and happy to have you among us!

Thank You for your advice!

@Lynda, I should have said check out “Womens Conceal Carry options” – I think that’s the correct name of the forum.

It’s ok I think I was on there but just didn’t go deep enough