What next?

Hello everyone. I am new here and i’m also a new proud gun owner. I am taking my CCL class on Sept 26th. What should my next step be? I have shot before at the range, but only for fun, not for protection purposes. Watching youtube videos has a lot of good info, but it.s overwhelming and can be unclear about what my next step should be.
Thank you.


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First and fore most familiarization with your stick (gun). Learn how it works and why it works most importantly when it will go bang and when it wont and why.

Then: In no particular order as all are important
Front Site
Trigger Control

Find a mentor or coach if you can, if for nothing more than to ensure you have a proper grip, so that you will not be teaching yourself bad habits. I find Mom and Pop gun shops to be a good place to look. The 20 something sales folks at big shops may or may not be what you are after.

When you can find ammo put half on the shelf and take half to the range and make meaningful practice. When you can find more ammo continue the same process.

Practice carrying your gun around the house in what ever holster you deem fit and/or comfortable. Get used to the firearm being there. Stop bending over and start squatting.

Just some ideas off the top of my head.




@Antrum. Welcome to the community, glade you are here. :smiley:


Congratulations! Soak up as much training as possible. Not sure what the CCL class in your area is (it’s NRA Basic Pistol or USCCA CCHDF) where I’m at. Both of those classes are excellent ways to get your training going. NRA Basic Pistol is great for anyone just starting out and a great refresher for experienced shooters as well. It will cover safety, pistol nomenclature and shooting fundamentals plus much more. I believe USCCA CCHDF is a fantastic course for carrying everyday and what all goes into it. USCCA CCHDF covers some excellent ground. From there I would look into some of the other offerings from the USCCA and NRA such as the defensive shooting fundamentals and nra ccw. Depending on where you’re located you may have access to some pretty solid instructors outside of these two organizations. If you haven’t already do some research on instructors, locally, regionally and nationally. Don’t be afraid to travel or spend a little to train if it’s feasible. Good training from quality instructors is invaluable.

With ammo being tough to come by don’t discount dry fire training. There’s a lot of great drills posted in this forum and so much to be found on the internet. Dry fire will make you better.

You’ll get plenty more excellent recommendations from the members here. Take advantage of the knowledge good folks here put out.

Most of all stay safe, instill the safety rules into everyday life.


Welcome to the family @Antrum I agree with @Craig6 I would also add, practice good trigger discipline, especially when drawing from your holster. And remember, while learning; slow is smooth, smooth is fast!


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… nothing more to add…all you need to know for now have been already written…


@Antrum All of the above and one thing everyone forgot. HAVE FUN! :+1:
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Welcome @Antrum!

After my decision to carry, I had to find a comfortable holster that I could wear all the time and then practicing drawing my firearm from that holster. I also found that what I practiced at the range changed. It was no longer about just hitting the bullseye. Now I also practice acquiring the target and quickly and accurately putting multiple rounds on target.


Thank you I appreciate it. I own the Glock 43x. Idid replace the sight and switched the mag release to left hand. I did purchase a IWB and OWB and have been wearing it around the house. I’ve also been practicing drawing the gun following the 4 universal safety rules. Thanks again for the advice I appreciate you.


Thank you I appreciate it. I live in Ohio. I have started searching for classes but not too in depth yet. Ifigured I would start hard after next weeks class. Thank you, glad to be here.


Lol thank you I will!


Definitely read and watch as many videos on self-defense, armed, unarmed, and edged, as much as you can. A good EDC knife is good, too. Many of us here have at least one, some have knives we - okay, I, envy, @Zavier_D. He is a karambit aficionado, and his knives are lovely. If you have a friend in the community that is an instructor, even better. I teach friends and family no charge. The USCCA site has a wealth of information to start you on your journey, as does the PDN (Personal Defense Network). There are, of course, numerous other sites with information. The USCCA magazine is packed with information, every issue. Re-reading “what you know” is also beneficial. Learning “situational awareness” is very important and will keep you safe - far more important than a 25 yard bullseye - not my forte.


Welcome & it looks like you already have some great advise. Enjoy yourself & there is always more to learn for all of us. This is by far the best forum for self protection, laws, gun safety etc. Just go through the training material provided by USCCA & you’ll be on the right track. ENJOY!!


Welcome to the family and you are blessed to be here.


Welcome to the team @Antrum! You’re definitely in the right place surrounded by the right people.

All of the above mentions. Know with confidence why you are carrying and who you are willing to defend. Familiarize yourself not only with your weapon but the laws as will.


It would be nice if you could find an outdoor range also, or if you live outside of town set up your own range. Even outdoor public ranges will not let you learn how to move around while shooting. Just remember that you may not be standing still when you need to be shooting. It is all about SAFETY and PRACTICE


Act normal.


Welcome! I can only add one more thing, if you’re confident in your grayman outfit and you’re extremely comfortable carrying, NO ONE KNOWS you’re carrying except us of course. So just don’t fiddle around with holster or shirts. 99% of the humans adorning our streets are clueless to the world around them. You just became aware of the oblivious but dangerous world we call home. No one can see it. Hopefully you’re in a state that doesn’t frown on printing.
From a previous thread.

This is how I know I’m printing!
I live summer 365, touristy area and was in art business, so I’m the Hawaiian shirt guy, never have a problem printing. I have the right belt, right holster. I can move freely about in crowds, art galleries, art fairs, crowded stores, grocery shopping etc. I never touch my rig in public, never flinch when people get too close. I just seems too natural to carry that I just go about my day as any non carrying hoplophobe would except, I’m the one checking to see if you are carrying!
Most people out there are too oblivious or on the phone! The only one that knows I am carrying is me.
And that guy if I truly screwed up! Like reaching for Fruit Loops with strong hand. Actually I don’t worry about that either, my rig is so tight, it leaves an impression on my hip. Kimber 1911 3” .45 IWB 4:00 kydex holster. Happiness!
Okay, I’ll admit it took two years of asking my wife, can you see it, can you see it, til one day she said it made me look fat. I never asked again. That was over eleven years ago.


And also don’t play with it when you CC. Your gun that is :innocent:


I live in Ohio where it’s legal too open carry. I prefer CC and i’m not too worried about printing. I know it’ll take some time to be 110% confident in CC. Thank you for the advise, it definitely helps. I’m excited to CC for the first time. It won’t come soon enough.