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I got my audio working and now the video content must have been taken down by either Facebook or YouTube.

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My name is Dave and I’ve been a member since 12/16. I currently reside in CA but we’re moving to AZ at the end of May or early June. I decided to carry concealed to protect myself and loved ones. I carry a full-size Beretta 9mm. I also enrolled in a dojo to learn how to better defend myself. I look forward to receiving Kevin’s “Into the Fray” videos and read CCM cover to cover. Glad to be a member of the USCCA. Like others, I hope to never have to make that phone call to use the coverage. Stay safe.


I very happy.for you that you are a member of USCCA and wish the best in your move to AZ. Thank you! William Smith


Welcome @David9 to the community.

Just like the USCCA, this community is very welcoming and full of information. We also thrive on new information so feel free to share when you can. Find a category that you’re interested in and dive right in.

And likewise on the coverage… hope to never use it but glad that it is there if I do need it.

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Welcome to the USCCA Community, @David9! It’s awesome that you can concealed carry in CA. I’ve heard from a lot of people that they haven’t been able to get their permit in CA. How long did it take to get yours?


Hey there, I’m new to the USCCA community. I carry conceal, chambered. I’m an avid Hunter. I’m a paramedic in a busy city, and I know the value of life. Carrying protects both myself and my family. Thank you for this open format, to help the flow of information.

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Welcome @Medic13 glad you joined us :slightly_smiling_face: Jump in and enjoy the conversation! Lots of knowledgeable folks here and the information does flow. Very cool that you bring your medic experience to the mix.


I live in Ventura County here in CA. When I first applied for my permit it took about 8 months and was approximately $500 in fees and required training. The permit was good for 2 years. My renewal was a little over $200 in fees and training. In LA County it is almost impossible to obtain a permit.



Welcome @Medic13, The USCCA Community is a very Welcoming and very Knowledgable group. We also like new ideas and new information. Being a Paramedic and a Concealed Carrier, I am sure that you have medical advice in relation to Gun Shot Wounds and other medical concerns that would interest the group. Thank You for your Service to your Community as a Paramedic. Now, find a Category and a Topic and dig right in.


Glad to have you here, @Medic13! If you think of any topics we should be talking about and aren’t yet, please start them! I’m sure you’ll have some interesting insight into different medical knowledge for self-defense.


Terry Obrien, carrying 10 years ,am 56 now and have been a strict 2nd amendment supporter for as long as I can remember from a young man ,my time in the Army and to the end of my life as far as I’m concerned. Life time Michaganard and a very devoted family man. Most of my practice is dry fire and mental, and a a occasional trip to the local Gun range. Pleased to be here and be alive.


I’m so glad to see you here, @Terence! Thank you for your service! You’ll find a lot of awesome Veterans here! Hope you enjoy the Community! Be sure to ask questions and share your input.


Hey @Terence glad you’re here! There’s a few MI folk here… I’m working in MI right now too. Maybe it’s time for a Michigan Meetup

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Welcome to the community @Terence. Thank You for your Service. Also, Thank You for being so devoted to protecting our Second Amendment Rights.

Feel free to find a Category and Topic to research, learn or share in. We thrive on information here. This is a very welcoming community. We have many members from all walks of life and former Military too, like myself (US Navy 1980-84).


Well right now that wouldn’t be possible, I would have to ask my wife. Also I have to go to Henry Ford on Thursday I report to evaluation for possible lung transplant list, but take we could meet up at a later time with , I, my wife and yourself for discussing the uscca,and maybe go shooting, that would be nice


@Terence, sorry to hear you’re up against some challenges. whenever you’re up to it, you are totally on!

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Happy Friday! I’m so excited to see so many new names/faces in the USCCA Community! Please help me welcome these new people to the


Hope you’ve enjoyed the Community since you logged in the first time! If you’d like to change your screen name, you can do so within the first week-ish of starting in the Community. After that timeframe, you’ll need to message me to make those changes for you (@dawn).

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Hi, Dawn (and everyone else),

I have not posted before now because I could not determine how to post without replying to someone-and I did not want to do that.

I am a 67 yo retired 'country gentleman😀 that lives in a small town in central New Mexico. I carry daily. This community is a GREAT Idea, and I would like to applaud the folks at USCCA for thinking of it. TIM FOR PRESIDENT!!

Be Blessed and Stay Safe!!


Welcome @Henry_A! Glad you’re here. If you have question on anything here you can private message @Dawn - she’s immensely helpful - or any of us you see here a lot. We’ll help you sort out what you need to know.