Weekend training: Clearing the cover garment

Concealed carry is, well, concealed. When we carry concealed, we have some sort of cover over our firearm. From a shirt to a heavy winter jacket, getting the cover garment out of the way when we draw can make a huge difference in our defense.

There are a number of things to consider when you are moving the cover garment.

Is the moved clothing far enough away from your gun so your gun doesn’t get caught up in the clothing? This is especially important for guns with a hammer or any other raised area (safety, magazine release, slide lock).

When you hold the cover garment away from the draw, is your hand in a safe position? Will you flag your hand when you draw? Be sure to train to get your garment and hand out of the line of the muzzle.

What other things should you consider when you’re moving the cover garment?

How often do you train to move the cover garment when you draw?


Buttons are the death of me.

Edited to add how often: With each change of garment.

How often?
Whenever I dry fire. I live in concealed State :wink: , so proper garment manipulation is a part of practice.

Other things?
Don’t grab the garment anywhere, just just make a hook from non dominant hand’s fingers and lift the garment from the bottom as high as possible so it won’t have time to fall down back on place before you draw.
I also encourage to practice one hand operation - it may happen you don’t have two free hands when you need them…

I found the easiest one hand operation with OWB 3 o’clock with loose jacket or shirt. In this case I never close the buttons, otherwise there no way to quickly access the firearm.

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Are you referring to when you are wearing a button down shirt as your cover garment?

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Yes. I end up leaving the last one unbuttoned.

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Both Vertx and 5.11 make some button up shirts you might be interested in. The look like a normal button up but the buttons are actually snaps so that you are able to draw from concealment easier. They might be worth checking out! Here are a couple links to some of them:

I feel as though I have not been training clearing the garment enough or drawing from concealment enough.

I’m happy to see this mentioned here, as I see far too many videos of people getting sub 1 second draws, but are wearing only a loose fitting tshirt. I will train wearing my common dress for the season. Clothing layers make a difference!


Yes, be realistic as possible. Any other means only lessons your ability and training.

Thanks, @Brandon_USCCA . They’re pricey though. I’m a cheapskate and not brand-conscious.