It’s the little things that trip you up, so practice

My wife bought me some new exlong shirts because see was tired of seeing my plumbers smile when I bend over and such. I carry IWB strong side. Standing in front of the mirror to practice my draw, I noticed my hand kept catching the shirt tail along with the pistol grip. To solve the problem had to change the place I grab the shirt (closer to the pistol grip) and I also had to lift the shirt higher. If even the littlest thing changes from what you normally do, make sure you know what you have to change when it counts and make sure you can do it right.


I was also taught to practice drawing from your cover garment with a fan blowing on you to simulate wind…

Lots of little things can trip you up.


I used to wear those long-tail Dickies work shirts thinking they’d cover better but after a couple dry-fire practice from the holster (IWB) I quickly relegated them to the back of the closet. Too much material to move and they didn’t cover any better than a regular untucked square tail shirt.


Yes, I try to grab close the grip, and make sure I hold it long it enough to not get caught in the shirt.

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Great Point. I need to do some work with the different shirts I wear. AND Winter is just around the corner, I’ll have to get used to the sweatshirt, Coat and parka.

In the cold weather when I have to wear a coat I have my .45 at 3:00 high up so I like to carry a
Tomcat .32 in my outside coat pocket. :us: