Weekend Drills: Outdoor Range

It gets really hot during summer at the indoor range where I shoot. Sometimes it’s just cooler to shoot at an outdoor range.

Do you stock your range bag differently for a trip to the outdoor range? Tape? Targets? Staplers? Sunscreen? Bug Spray?

What other things should people think about when they go to an outdoor range they haven’t been to before?


My summertime range bag has a poncho in a compacted square, bug spray, sun screen, an extra hydration bottle, a small tool kit for optic, extra ammo, extra couple of mags, extra doses of medication, and trail mix.

That way any small failures don’t end my range day outside as it is a 2 hour drive to the outdoor range I go to.


This is my list… :slightly_smiling_face:

ok… I was kidding… so far I’ve never been at the outdoor range… :yum:


Definitely consider multiple ways to hang a target, sunscreen is an absolute must. Depending on location hydration and food could be a factor.

I bring a one of those 12X12 tailgate type canopies and some chairs.


Shooting gloves, 2000 rounds of ammo, ear protection, at least 10 guns, and if they let you work from your holster bring these holsters: Shoulder, ankle, duty, AIWB, OWB, IWB and make sure there is a firearm in every one of them. Just kidding I had to top Jerzy’s list.


I shoot on a outdoor range most of the time. I use 3M adhesive spray to fix paper targets to the backer, wind always pulls the paper targets free of staples and tape. I do keep tape to cover holes, from shots however. I also have a range finder to set up targets at known distances. A sharpie marker to make notes on groups, loads etc… Wasp Spray (only needed it once and that was the time I didn’t have it :unamused: ). An extra lawn chair or two, someone will likely see you shooting and drop in and want to shoot a few rounds.


Add sun glasses, bottled water to hydrate, Stay hydrated. Tylenol, trauma kit, hat, baby wipes, wash your hands and stay hydrated, drink water.


jerzy……swim suit???


Hmm… :thinking: … I thought swim diapers are enough … :wink:

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We have our own outdoor range…we use range finder, and will use a chrono when it arrives. 3m adhesive? Great idea! Bug spray, wasp spray, extra batteries for hearing protection. If one doesn’t have wasp spray, carb or brake cleaner works as well. Different colored shooting glasses, for different light conditions. Night lighting of some kind for darkness training.