Weekend Drill: Try a new range

Date night at the range!

Life can get crazy - back to school, weather turning colder, work projects, - it all adds up. Don’t let that stop you from having a fun date night.

But Dawn, I’m single…
Some of my best date nights were when I was single and could treat myself by doing whatever I wanted! So take yourself to the range and have an enjoyable evening!

Spice it up by shooting at a different range! Find a new range with our handy-dandy new tool!

What was different about the new range(s) you’ve been to?


Cool, did not know there was a gun club in Ruston (just down the road from me). Will have to check it out.

The last couple of new ranges I have gone to are down in south Louisiana, but they allow drawing and shooting from a holster, and one allows us to bring steel targets.

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Hey @Fred_G you from Ruston, La?

I’m from Shreveport…we got some cool ranges over here!!! I recommend the Red River Range…

How about we do a switch this weekend! You come to mine and I’ll go to yours…
Not to far of a drive!

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I am a little further east, in the Monroe area. Would love to try out one of the ranges around S’port. I am going to try the Ruston one out one weekend, got lazy today.