Weekend Drill: Shooting with an Injury

There are numerous ways we could be injured in a self-defense instance - not to mention being injured before you are involved in a self-defense incident. (Broken wrist anyone?) Knowing how to accommodate injuries while accurately shooting is incredibly important to your physical self-defense.

Have you trained while injured? How did you adjust your training?

Remember, upper body injuries aren’t the only type you may encounter. Have you been on crutches and had to practice drawing? Or even trained to evade on crutches?


No distractions, after installing a quad rail went to range on a 96 degree day with 88% humidity, sliced finger to bone on off hand. Wrapped it, let it bleed. Forced myself to concentrate. This wasn’t machismo but determination. Always stay focused on target.
At an indoor range my own cartridge stuck between safety glasses and eyebrow. Let it burn, focus on your targets. I was proud of that burn.
Didn’t exactly adjust, but focused more intensely.
Actually I did adjust, I wear a hat and shooting gloves.
I’ve seen too many people flinch on ranges, and not knowing where their muzzle is facing puts me in danger.


This is a great subject when I go to my outdoor range my friend and I do training with the situation of injuries great training you lean things that you dont normaly think about


I’d rather do my shooting with a gun.