Weekend Drill: Controlled vs. Hammer Pairs Drill

There are two different ways to take two shots rapidly. One is a Controlled Pair and the other is a Hammer Pair (or Double Tap).

The Controlled Pair has two shots and two sight pictures. The Hammer Pair (Double Tap) has two shots with one sight picture.

Do you shoot controlled pairs or hammer pairs? Do you train for both?

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I practice both, but usually, because I’m practicing from the draw as part of my draw sequence, I’m practicing hammer pairs.

I practice doubles or triplets usually.

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I practice both. Can only practice from the ready position. My gun range does not allow holster draw. But doing quick shoots from the ready will be more realistic response in real life scenario. Point and aim is great at the range but in an active response things unfold quickly. Practicing your quick target acquisition and getting your shoots off quickly can mean the difference for survival

I practice from the ready position when I’m on the farm. Only time I dont shoot on the farm is deer hunters complaining that I scare off the deer.