Multiple Shot Engagement

While we hope we never have to defend ourselves with lethal force, we know that self-defense shootings average 3-5 shots.

Our local range only allows double taps, no rapid-fire. I understand that for the safety factor, but it creates a bad training habit.

How do you train to regain sight picture and let the muzzle settle when you can only shoot double taps at your range?

Justin does an awesome job of coming back to the target rapidly in the Now Drill video:

I can do 6-6-6 drill at my indoor range. (adjusted a little - go from low ready position instead of holster).
3 shots, reload, 3 shots (or 4 shots, reload, 2 shots).

If you can double tap then you can conduct multiple target drills. Post-It-Note’s (PIN’s) are great for this. Put 3 PIN’s at random locations on a standard B-24 target. Double tap each one and move to the next.

FWIW And I don’t care if they are acclaimed USCCA gunfighters I can find NO, ZIP, ZERO, NADA (to quote @Dawn) reason to dump 15 rounds on a single target and go back for one more in a defensive or even a combat environment. Dare I say in a court of law you are in a world of hurt and will be the poster child for large mag bans.

Reloading in the middle of your magazine means you have found cover and want a full stack. DO NOT practice dumping a mag for the sake of a DRILL. Design your drills to incur an empty magazine condition with a full magazine, add targets.

IDPA & 3 Gun are one thing where you introduce “SCENARIO’S” practicing for self defense is another. Don’t let the “Game” interfere with reality.



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My local range will allow you to do certain things they don’t allow others to do if you pass the RSO evaluation and test.


I show up to my scheduled AM RSO shifts an hour early and put in any “tactical/street” work I need to prior to opening the range or on range closed days (RSOs are allowed access to the range during off hours between 8a and 1hr prior to sunset)

One of the benefits of volunteering (so my volunteerism isn’t completely altruistic :wink: )