CCW Requals Tomorrow = Range Day Today

Have to requal tomorrow for my CCW, going to be adding my HK P2000SK to my permit. Sitting here trying to decide on indoor or outdoor range time.

I’m thinking unless wind kicks up, I’m going outdoors.

Anyone want to share some drills I should run through?


What do you have to do for requalifying, @BrophE? I’m trying to find a target someone used on another thread, but I cannot remember which thread it was.

@Zee do you remember what thread someone shared their target with you digitally on?

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15 & 10 yards two magazines into two targets
7 yards two magazines into two targets alternating to thoracic shots with the cranial vault (head) shot.

70% required to pass.


@dawn courtesy of @BrophE, heres the link to targets:


Thanks! I couldn’t find that to save my life yesterday! (I have a larger coffee today!)


Do we need to get you a cup for both hands?


A possible problem to look for. When I did my qualification, I cleaned my gun the day before.

I had never had a single malfunction before, but I wonder if I over lubricated, because I had a double feed every time I loaded a fresh magazine. Of course, I also loaded one more round into my magazines than I normally did. Theoretically, my magazines hold twelve .45 cartridges, but they really only hold eleven, and then you have to really squeeze them in. Ten seems to be the practical limit, but I loaded eleven.