Double taps

or controlled pairs?

Two different things.
Perhaps same result but achieved using different techniques.

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yes, I know

Let’s wait for somebody to give definitions.
I’m hoping everyone knows the difference.


That would be a good topic for a separate thread.

If your OP was about what we are using… my answer is: DOUBLE TAPS.

Controlled pairs are good for multiple targets cadence shooting, but for me it doesn’t have any application in self defence situations.

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Which instructors told you that?

What for?

How are you defining each?

Every single one I’ve been training with.
And because I’m training other shooters… I’m telling them the same.

How do you define the two?

Pair is two sight pictures, double-tap is one?

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yes, exactly.

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At a distance where I would use either, I use neither.


I might be in the same boat.

I don’t consciously think about doing either, like, as a ‘thing’. If I intend to shoot twice, I shoot twice, how much of a sight picture I get for the second shot depends on distance/target size/need for speed. Whatever I do I do, I don’t think I go into it planning on a second sight picture yes/no.

Probably I never use a “double tap”, I at least get a flash front sight (maybe not “picture”, but, see the front sight generally in front of the target at least). At the close range most common DGU distances, a flash front sight while using a practiced grip/presentation is pretty much all you need


I wondered for a while, but couldn’t decide how to tell exactly what I was doing. It became clear when I started working with a red dot sight. At distances around10ft/3yd, I had no perception of seeing the red, even in my peripheral vision.

I do consciously hesitate in order to reacquire my point of aim before followup shots (vs trying to “beat” the recoil), and produce hits spread 1" to 3" at 0.3 to 0.4 sec. But now it seems pretty clear that I just fall into a learned “slot” where eyes, body, and pistol slide are aligned to the target without really bringing the sights into the game.

At five to ten yards, I need to form a sight picture, and followup goes a bit slower. By 15yd, I need to build a careful sight picture to hit 8 inches. My followup shots follow the recoil recovery — not try to beat the recoil, or scatter shots, or whatever a “double” really amounts to.


A double tap is a shooting technique where two shots are fired in rapid succession at the same target with the same sight picture. Instruction and practice of the double-tap improves overall accuracy as shooters often do not have the gun fully extended on the first shot meaning the second of a double-tap is usually the better. The term hammer is sometimes used to describe a double tap in which the firearm’s sights are not reacquired by the shooter between shots.


I’m opposite. Usually my first shot is exactly where I’m aiming, the second one lands 1 - 3 inches away (depending on the target distance)

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Five to ten yards, The first shot is fired just off of the draw single handed. The double tap comes when the second hand reaches the handgun at the normal firing position

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Double control tap pairs are what I do.


I do tap double control pairs. Actually, triples mostly. :grinning:


Or… or…

Belgian Tripel on tap.