Tactical Tuesday: Bill Drill Version 2

Here’s a great way to break some training ruts of only shooting 1 or 2 rounds and then looking where our shot goes:

If you’re in a range that doesn’t allow for draw from a holster, try “drawing” from the stand in front of you.

If you’re in a range that doesn’t allow rapid-fire but does allow controlled pairs, shoot the controlled pairs and then an additional as soon as the range allows another shot. The range I go to requires a second between shots - so I’d shoot a controlled pair and then a single for 3 shots, 2 controlled pairs for 4 shots.

Let us know how this drill helps you! :slight_smile:


I’ve been using this drill in “advanced” classes. It has helped me with precise shots without focusing on sight picture.
More challenging version -> when your target “runs” towards you :open_mouth:

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