Tactical Tuesday: 3 and 3

Three targets, three distances, three shots. Beth and Sandi show how to do this building block drill which will help give you an opportunity to diversify your range training for distance and sight picture.

How would you adapt this drill for your skill level?


Great drill. Cannot be used at my indoor Range… :frowning_face:

But it’s fun to shoot laser at home. Because laser is way easier, I add time limitation.

  • from high compressed ready:
    1st run - 5 seconds
    2nd run - 4 seconds
    3rd run - 3 seconds


  • from holster - below 5 seconds.



Looks like a nice drill. I’ll incorporate that into my classes, simple and a nice change.

2 observations though.

  1. I’m not there so I don’t no the lay of the land but I don’t see a backstop behind the targets, and it seems that the targets may show above the horizon especially for the height of the young lady…

  2. On the lighter side, no leaves on the trees, and wearing sweatshirts, kinda dreary out too… I think Delta should think about relocating down here to Texas.

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We have met Mike, Steve, and Beth at the USCCA headquarters. I like the drill. Could be used also as shooting on the move vs stationary. We have a moving target system we use for training, and able to set up 2,3, or 4, targets that move. Good drill and we can incorporate.

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Jerzy…set up yours again, and shoot on the move. Or did you try on the move? Give us a report from the dry fire master!


My basement is too small to setup proper movements … :upside_down_face:

However I can try to use the cover.
Draw from holster. First 3 shoots. Kneel down behind the couch. 3 shoots to second target. One step to computer desk. Lie down and take last 3 shots to third target…

Sounds like a plan… but super crazy plan :joy: :crazy_face:

Either I hurt myself (or furniture) or my wife won’t speak to me anymore :zipper_mouth_face: