Web page design

We are designing a web page, and struggling. Our budget is less than designers have quoted us, because we desire to include the Uscca logos and material for firearm instruction, etc. etc. Somehow we don’t trust the free lancers on fiverr. Have contacted USCCA affiliate support and suggested they should have a web page designer. Maybe there is another instructor that would assist that has designed their own page, and we would gladly compensate. Any suggestions or input? Thanks!


You can take a look at mine and see if that is something you’d be interested in…



Wordpress.com has free templates and is free to host if you include “wordpress” in the address. IMO, make a free account and play around with it to see options. One of the downsides is the limitations on uploading too many photos, but if you use a photo hosting site it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Edit: deleted my experimental website link.


Web Developer here. I work at an agency and also freelance on the side. I’d be happy to answer any general questions in this thread (you are likely not the only one). Are you looking to DIY, or have a website built?

I know that there can be a pretty significant spread in prices for a website depending on who you ask, and what you get for that amount can vary quite a bit.