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Fellow instructors,
I’m looking for input on what website hosts (outside of USCCA) you’ve found most useful for your firearms instruction biz. I currently only offer instruction (no merchandise or similar) and have looked into both Instructors Dash and, and neither are really what I’m wanting. I’m fairly new and don’t quite make enough to pay the monthly fee or the commission they take for registrations, so I’m wanting to more build a simple site that I can update and maintain. I’ve used Square for my other business and another instructor in town uses Shopify, but looking for our USCCA community’s input on what has worked well for their firearms business. Thanks in advance!!


curious? others?


@Jerzees , @Craig_AR , @Enzo_T. Any ideas for @Stacy14 . :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not an instructor but do know NRA has the full menu for instructors from range safety to certified instructor training. Soe states do not accept the NRA courses for CCP verification. Probably has a lot to do with politics.


I’d call @AlphaKoncepts here.
He has pretty good business model that fits @Stacy14 question.

I’ve been using NRA portal, but I’m not impressed with it.


I’m wanting to have a website outside of just listing classes, and I only have my RSO from the NRA so won’t be using them. Another reason for wanting a separate site is because you can‘t list any credentials outside of what you’ve earned from USCCA on the USCCA website. And it would be helpful to be able to include my partner’s credentials in the classes he assists me with, but he’s an LEO, so neither NRA or USCCA.

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Of course you can! Look at my bio on my USCCA site,
(scroll to the botttom of the page) which includes the following:

Firearms trainer credentials

  • USCCA Certified Instructor
  • Ark Concealed Handgun Carry License (CHCL) Instructor #21-1519
  • NRA Certified Pistol, PPITH, PPOTH Instructor & Range Safety Officer #149323457
  • RangeMaster Certified Instructor
  • Law of Self Defense Instructor Program Graduate
  • Member, Firearms Trainers Association
  • MAG40 Graduate

Even if you do not expect to teach any or only a rare few NRA courses, I highly recommend becoming at least an NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting (BoPS) instructor. Outside of the small core of knowledgable gun owners who actively seek training, NRA is still the most widely known and respected firearms training organizations, so much so that NRA instructor certification is specifically recognized in many state laws and CCW instructor programs. NRA Instructor is much more widely recognized across the public than certifications from USCCA or even top more advanced programs like Rangemaster, Gunsite, Sig Sauer Academy, etc.
Showing an NRA credential in addition to USCCA on your list of credentials is a good idea.


Yes, I’ve done this under the instructor bio as well. And maybe it’s silly but the badges area is what people see first, and mine looks kinda empty. :tired_face: lol


I personally believe that any legitimate business will have their own website as well as social media. That’s not to say not to use various portals to help generate traffic but everything you do should be to drive traffic to your site.

I’ve used eventbright, nra portal, uscca portal, shooting classes, tachive, etc… I am not thrilled with ANY of them and NONE of them have generated any students for me. A few here and a few there, but nothing to speak of. I also never saw the point in directing my students to see my competitors listings as well. For the record, I’ll use every and any portal if they generate students for me, but so far none have; so why use them?

I built my website myself using a worpress CMS. With various plugins I was able to install a complete calendar booking system. Writing blog posts generates traffic. Social media posts also generate traffic. Having free downloads creates leads. You can do everythign the NRA or USCCA do but have full control if you do it yourself. I’ve often thought about selling my site skeleton.