Firearms Training Biz Website Options

Fellow Instructors,

I’m looking for any insight into good options for websites to use for my instruction biz. I so far only offer firearms education (no physical products or anything), and I’d like to create a website to offer my classes outside of the USCCA site were given. I know there’s hosts like or Instructors Dash, but for me personally (at least right now), those are both too expensive, and limiting. I recently saw that another local instructor uses Shopify, and I’ve also used Square for a simple website, but I’m hoping for some input from the community as to what you’re all using. I’d like to be able to design it myself so no coding involved, and it would be ideal to have them be able to register without linking somewhere else. Please let me know what you have found that is working well. Thanks in advance!! :star_struck:


Looks like similar thread has been already created… however on this one you are asking about setting up your own website.

Having your own website for any business is a good idea, you are completely independent from third party portals and their limitations.

If you like to do everything by your own, Google is the best way to start. You can register domain, use their portal to maintain DNS records and create and keep your website. Other option - GoDaddy. Both work almost same way. Easy design based on templates - no coding needed.

Once it’s done you can advertise this website on any firearm forums, portals, communities - everywhere you can attract someone’s attention.

I always use @AlphaKoncepts as a great example - he has his own website and can be found everywhere on Firearm Portals. :ok_hand:


Look at my site and feel free to ask any questions. I did it myself and I am an open book happy to help.

I’m also working on an online training site, which is totally unfinished and under construction but