Wear it proud: what would your family think?

Make a statement at Thanksgiving dinner this year. Check out our new arrivals:

(Get yours here! Left to right: Born to Protect; Pink Faith, Family Freedom; Blue Faith Family & Firearms; Women’s Born to Protect)

Would your family appreciate these sweatshirts?


My wife very much appreciates the hoodie she confiscated.


My family never judges people for what they wear. I believe that they would like these shirts. They are nice and colorful and say the right things. Some of my family are Catholics and some are Christian but we value and respect each other.


Just made me laugh, unchristian catholics. I know that’s not what you meant


Mine would ask where I got them, and do they come in big and tall sizes.


I like that red one :face_with_monocle:. (Edit: didn’t realize that was a pink one with lace :joy:)

These are pretty tame. I’ve always avoided 2A gear, but I may start pushing the envelope and wearing some to send a message. I’m tired of being obscure and hidden, while the woke message is loud and in my face all of the time.


“Unchristian Catholics”
Hilarious :rofl:
Some people still don’t know what the Catholicism teaches. Some non-Catholics still believe Catholics worship Mary, statues and many other bazaar things.

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Tees not for me & t-day was yanked so just sad faced while a holiday for one. So maybe lasagna. Might not be so bad after all

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I’ll be by myself this year, but next family reunion, I’ll be sure to wear the most “offensive” tactical/slogan clothing I can come up with. I have democrats in the family who hate empowered individualism :sweat_smile: