We the People holsters

I recently purchased a holster for my S&W M&P Shield withe the Crimson Trace laser from WTP. When I holster the gun I don’t hear the positive click that you should hear. I’ve tightened the retention screw over and over and it hasn’t helped.

Has anyone had this experience with their holster? How did you resolve it?

Thanks in advance.


I have a C&G kydex holster and it’s similar. There should be a positive click when you holster the gun. Have you contacted the manufacturer. Sounds like a defective holster. Did you do the shake test to see if the holster holds the gun or it falls out?


Thanks for the reply. I haven’t contacted the manufacturer just yet. I have a Crossbreed holster on the way so I want to wait until that gets here first. When I turn the holster upside down it retains it but if I shake it the gun falls out. Other than this issue I like the holster. It’s comfortable and conceals well. But this is a big problem IMO.


My edc holster (IWB) is a We The People model for my M&P9 EZ, and also have a OWB paddle holster for the same pistol, and have not had any retention problems with either of them.