Looking for a retention IWB holster for Sig 365XL

I have had a couple of instances where a physical altercation was a legitimate possibility. Fortunately, I was able to avoid anything physical, but it brought up a concern. If I’m in an altercation, the kydex of my holster will probably NOT be tight enough to retain my gun if we end up rolling around on the ground.

Does anyone have any experience with a true locking (retention) holster for IWX EDC?

I was never thinking about more than passive retention for my IWB holsters. The retention screws seemed to be enough and always worked for me.

It should if it is a good holster. Drawing the firearm with proper grip has more strength than rolling on the ground.

If you need more, Safariland has smart active retention, called “Grip Locking System”. You can check it, perhaps it’s something that will work for you.

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What holster are you currently using?

Holsters often have to be tightened. You should not need more than passive retention for IWB.

Like Jerzy said, you should be able to tighten some screws and be fine. I’d it’s a hybrid holster you may need to get a blow dryer out and shape the holster.

If you are concerned about someone taking your gun, this is one of the big comforts that comes with the appendix position.


I’m using a “We the People” kydex holster. Tightening the retention screw has certainly helped. As far as appendix carry,… I have tried and tried to get comfortable with that but just can’t find a holster that doesn’t dig into my pubic bone every time I bend over or sit down. When I get it to a semi comfortable position, the gun rides so high on my abdominal wall that it feels like it’s gonna flip right out of my pants :frowning:

@James531 .
AIWB comfort depends on barrel length. Longer barrel requires better holster.
I found Tier 1 Concealed AXIS Elite holster perfect for 4.25" M&P.
This one fits great and has multiple adjustable height positions.

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