Watched the Supreme Court today

Interesting how they’re really trying to maneuver, damn the consequences, to get Trump off of the ballot.

And then, in more news from beyond the grave…


I’ve said it before, It Does Not Matter What Top Democrat’s Do. They will NEVER be held accountable by the current administration. I suspect that is one of the many reasons they are trying to get Donald off the ballots. They know, a Trump Administration will be unkind to Democrats that violate the law.
The frightening thing here is, the courts, Local, District, Federal and even The Supreme Court are legislating from the bench, choosing the next President as it were.


They do (legislate from the bench) and will continue to do so.

In many states, judges are nominated by judicial nominating committees that recommend candidates to the Governor to appoint. Elections and voting matters. Who applies for and gets appointed to Boards and Commission also matters, probably more than voting.


Looks like we already know who is going to continue to sit on throne in 2025. Once again America continues to be steered down the road at warp speed ahead being driven by you who asleep behind the steering wheel.


Chief “justice” john roberts has already stated that if needed he would legislate from the bench. This was a comment he made during an interview while discussing obummercare.