Watch "Heads Up! BLM Calling for Fighting, Burning & War in Virginia Tomorrow" on YouTube

Be careful!


I’m so sick of this stuff going on, **THIS IS NOT THE WAY WE HANDLE THINGS.**Thanks for sharing.

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I could not find any verification of the claim in the video. Every link was to that same video. Have you been able to find any corroboration?

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I hate all of this stuff so much.

To all of you people in Virginia, keep your heads down, and keep your armor and guns on your person. I’ll be praying for you.


Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, Kenosha, New York, etc how much more corroboration do we need? I’m not waiting for an “engraved” invitation. It’s out there they are coming, at least they had the decency to notify even it is deceptive propaganda. These Marxist have taken a page from the Art ofWar.
I, for one, plan to be prepared until the election is over. I recommend everyone prepare.


I consider Guns and Gadgets pretty reliable.