Washington State Mental health crises

Washington state has about 850 people in jail waiting for a place at the mental Hospital for mental health help. The hospital is shorthanded and there is a nine-month waiting period to have room for them. Previously a judge released a prisoner because he was not getting help and “his rights were being violated.”
Three months later said person killed a couple for no apparent reason.

In the meanwhile, the jails are starting to get backed up from the mental health needs and those in need of getting help cannot get help. I call this, one giant cluster Fff… Well, I can’t say it! They are calling it the mental health crises. An idea of getting violent offenders mental health care so they do not re-offend. So, they instantly made it happen but did not apparently think this all the way through. Innocent people are paying even more now. and we are supposed to feel safe?


So, ONE out of 850? That’s a far cry from what the “mental health” crowd want’s us to believe.


So they take Air Marshals out of the sky and put them on the border and now they want to put mental health workers in police cars.
They created the shorthandedness.

The Brandon administration is also waiting for its mental health bed!
As soon as we accommodate Brandon and his lunatics, we’ll think about the general public. Perhaps as soon as we clear out the White House there will be more room for sanity!

Safety and security of the citizens of the United States are of NO concern to these people!
Extreme sarcasm ahead. In all my life I’ve never seen presidential policies work as well as Brandon’s DEFUND policy.
Wouldn’t worry too much about overcrowded prisons, this administration is soon to have plenty of vacancies. They’re going to let them all out on the streets! The epitome of arsonist firefighter!
Have to applaud the only Brandon accomplishment, death of American citizens!

Two more years of this and we will all need a bed!


Californicate recently released over 7000 pedophiles after they had served less than a year. The “leader” of that state wants to be the next leader of the free world. Oh, and he hates guns.