Washington State government stomping on our second amendment

Well, the progress of the socialistic snowflakes is marching on. Going to the senate is the “Assault weapon” ban as well as, mandatory training to be able to purchase a gun. The gun stores are very busy with the sales of guns emptying the stores with last minute purchasers. Then there is this problem.

When Covid breakout happened and everyone else was buying toilet paper I bought ammo. I already have my guns and I am working on having enough ammo. Do you have enough ammo?

What people do not realize is that the majority of population in Washington State is around the Puget Sound body of water and going away from Seattle in any direction the population drops. By land mass Washington State is more republicans than democratic but since the population density is around the Puget Sound the rest of us have to deal with the Seattle Snowflakes. [Not a sports team]


Someone’s dreaming of making Highway 5 a gun-free zone from Washington :arrow_right: Oregon :arrow_right: California


Not just dreaming. They’re making it happen one step at time!


Hopefully the Senate will not cower.
Otherwise, are you going to declare your property Sovereign? :grinning: