Range mayhem part 2 Kaliforn washington

Hello everyone,
I currently live in Washington State and YES, I am looking for elsewhere to live. I have family here as well as my mother and I love the nature part of this state. Everyone is probably aware that the state is pushing the unlawful " assault weapon ban" and today I stopped by the range to get some supplies and do some drills but, low and behold the walls are empty and parts are not on the shelf. One part of this is everyone is buying out the gun stores with these types of guns then part two the range is not replenishing parts because it is a matter of days before the paper gets the ink from the Governer. Back when everyone was buying toilet paper I was buying guns and ammo, not the magazine either!

It just amazes me that the Government says this is what we want to do for you, we want you to be safe from guns and the people are buying guns. I have seen the post about native Americans say If the government says you do not need guns, then, you need to have guns. The gun stores have been very busy with lines and waiting to talk to a salesperson. I walk in and say, do you have this and that? He responds that he is out and not ordering anymore parts, all the while everyone else is waiting to be seen. I feel like an A hole but hey, they know me well.

all of this is like preaching to the preacher. He agrees Jesus is coming and there is nothing you can say or do to change that! I say that we are losing the 2nd Amendment and ya’all will agree but it is still happening.

Washington state has people fighting hard for our second Amendment rights, Representatives to be really proud of!


We are.

See the kids walking out of their classroom to push for tougher gun control laws (ban).

Some of them weren’t born yet when 9/11 happened.

They don’t feel threatened by outside forces which results in lack of sense of patriotism. They’re led to believe that republicans and the NRA are the bad guys.


Time to pull a Jed Clampett and move the family.


Utah’s nice, as soon as it stops snowing. Come on down.


Come for the snow, stay for the crime wave!:rofl:


CT going bat turd cray cray as well. Looking at my first house in WV Tuesday, happens to be 6 miles from a club that’s $140/year, no sponsorship required, with a 500 yard rifle and various other ranges, running 3 gun and idpa comp in a state that is a 2 a sanctuary, every state and county. As for the house, I guess it has walls, a floor and a roof? :thinking::smile:
Wife and I, after 10 years of observation and thought, have decided on WV. Similar climate and topography to where I live in CT (everything is up or down) , and biggest city is around 52,000 people. City government sucks, and city people have screwed up a number of states.


How do you feel about a little heat and a tiny bit of humidity? If that doesn’t bother you, south Louisiana is great so far and southeast Texas will always be amazing! I’d recommend somewhere like Woodville,Tx. Down near Pierre Part, LA. is great as well, imo. If I didn’t mind the loong commute, I’d be happy as a duck on a junebug down there.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: So Far!!!
State bird is the alligator aka Swamp Donkey