The weary of Washington State

Washington has a bill that looks like it is going to be made to law of requiring training for gun owners. Then I thought are they stupid? Deny USCCAs presence in the state then require gun training?
I brought up the idea to push Constitutional carry and I got a reply of that would be Like shoveling sand against the tide. then another responded, not gonna happen currently. WA is a very liberal state, and would be very opposed to it. i expect WA to start mirroring CA.
To me it seems like the people here have already given up and are defeated! I am just frustrated about this whole thing…

So, should I start a support group for the maintaining the 2nd Amendment in Washington state and support GOA and USCCA? What do you all think?


Remember that while many of us are focused on USCCA’s training program, USCCA is principally an insurance company. Washington State bans the company there based on the insurance commission judgement; they are doing the same thing to the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, which asserts it is not an insurance company. Even worse, ACLDN is headquartered in Seattle.


I already understand being a former Certified instructor till I lost my USCCA membership. I have figured if it is training that they want gun owners to have then maybe we could explain the education that the USCCA does provide to gun owners.
If no one says anything than nothing is heard.


Gun control measures aren’t generally pushed by folks that know the first thing about firearms.


You do not have to be a USCCA member to be a USCCA certified instructor. I am certified by USCCA at two levels, but am not a member.



Maintaining? Or getting it back?

The main benefit of USCCA membership is the training and education found in the Protector Academy.

There is also the additional benefit of members being additional insureds on a self defense liability insurance policy purchased by the USCCA. The USCCA is not an insurance company, although the Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company is, and they wrote the policy purchased by the USCCA. You are correct that this aspect of membership is why USCCA membership is not allowed by Washington state. This despite USCCA not being an insurance company and membership not being purchase of an insurance policy.

Similarly, armed citizens legal defense network is not allowed in Washington State…and there is no insurance aspect to them at all as far as I can tell (though I’m not an expert on ACLDN)

The state of Washington, it appears. does not want self defenders to have access to good legal defense unless they are very wealthy individuals who can pay all of this stuff out of pocket


The government doesn’t want us to have training, the government wants to place another hurdle in the way, another thing they can potentially make you a criminal for, and another thing that costs you time and money and deters you from firearm ownership/carry.

Government laws that force gun owners/carriers to do something or be criminals aren’t for the benefit of the gun owners.


Flee Brother Flee! Let the ship sink without you. :wink:


I am about there, Arizona is sounding good right now, but I am not sure.


Interesting in that legislators are discussing training for gun owners.

Not a giant step for them, but might it be a baby step, win win?

I noticed that some trainers are certified by the NRA, or USCCA. If that happens there, I wonder if the institute who certifies those trainers might be able to utilize it as an opportunity to gain more presence in the communities of Washington state.


I do not believe it is possible for The People to win when the government puts more restrictions on what is supposed to be an uninfringed Right.

What legislatures are discussing, is ways to pass more restrictions that they can pretend are not restrictions , even though they restrict who can keep and bear arms


The people who are changing laws in WA and elsewhere are elected. That means they got more votes than their opponent.

People have to vote and have to vote when it matters, in the primaries when candidates are nominated by their parties. The sad truth is that the majority of the eligible electorate does not vote at all and a pathetic 18-19% bother to vote in primaries.

If you want to change things in WA, then my advice is that you get gun owners to actually cast a vote, 'cause they don’t, so they get the leadership and laws that are prevailing today.



WA assault weapons ban bill heads to Gov. Inslee after House votes to approve it Wednesday

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“He said the legislation bothered him because it came forward without any input from his party, and that both parties should be working together on issues such as behavioral health and substance abuse instead.”

I’m surprised they don’t just tax firearms to death using the Climate Change math, cause taxes are the only thing that stop Climate Change


When Inslee was a state representative, he sent out a letter stating that the Brady Bill is an infringement to the 2nd Amendment. He also commented that an assault weapons ban would be an infringement too back then! I guess a politician will do whatever he needs to do to be re-elected but have no Morales.


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People are working at being legal with the brace and SBR scandals by the Federal standards and with the state doing this it is going to make many people criminals.


Of course.

That’s the whole reason for doing it