Washington State conceal carry license

I was checking with some people about getting their conceal carry permit and I was told that there are only three places in Western Washington to get their CCL and they all are with appointment only. One place says that they are excepting for CCL but they have no openings available. A friend of mine went on the internet to get an appointment and all she could get was in October. It is not like they are being flooded with applications but, with the small window of access it is like they are trying to slow down the process of people protecting themselves. Just thought I would throw this out there for information on it.


This sounds like what MN is doing; I live in WI, and they send their permits out within 2days to 1 week from your application. I often cross the border to MN, and have to lock my carry in my vehicle safe, and wanted to get a carry for MN, as well, so I could just always carry between the 2 states. I have been informed that in MN, however, the time it takes to get your permit varies depending on what county you’re trying to apply for one in. The one nearest to me has a 2 month wait. Not a huge deal, but I agree that it does seem like they’re trying to slow it down or delay it in some states. A coworker tried to get his C&C permit in MN during the middle of last year, and was told no permits were being issued due to covid…like that really has anything to do with it.


Strange that non-residents of WA with non-resident UT permit are luckier than WA residents.