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Alright guys this is a page to discuss the training given to us by John Lovell and not question his branding name based on a universal use of a word.
Has anyone here attended one of his training? or is actually apart of the network membership that he provides? if so, how was the training and was it worth the $$. I personally support him and look to one day attending one of his training courses… I may even try and save up for one of those fancy trips to other regions of the world! I mean I bought the MR920 and his video promoting the USCCA was one of my deciding factors on joining.


Welcome to the family brother and god bless you.

Because i stated some groups are using this and other words as code talk to identify with one another does not mean EVERYONE that uses the word falls into the same category. You are responding to a false narrative that you yourself created.

As for my comment being taken down, this is ridiculous. If someone is unaware of certain facts then they are ignorant to the fact. This word exists in the english dictionary and is part of common vocabulary. This action, and the fact that way too many topics have been closed pre maturely is very concerning.

We all fight for our 2nd, it’s a little #^@%# up to witness this attempt to control the 1st by this community management

@Ben_Blanc… why are you doing this? This is not a first time you have tried to

another thread. :triumph:


@Jerzy Is Ben at it again? I can’t see his posts because I muted him a few weeks ago. Pay no attention to him and he just may go away. It works… just mute and ignore.
Life is good. :blush:


Newbie question. How do you mute someone? I’m also getting tired of hearing the semantics of the word “warrior”


Click on their avatar. The click again on their picture. It should show “Normal”, change that to “Muted” or “Ignored”.


Good advice, @TexasEskimo.

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@TexasEskimo… I keep looking at most of the threads that are interesting and like to have a view on words from all participants.
Unfortunately we have situations like this one all the time, but I do not care. Eventually @Dawn takes care of it.

Life is good for sure… but nobody is going to made it worse for me… :kissing_smiling_eyes:


All i did was voice a concern, are u serious?

No one will address the concern, instead make it their mission to say i’m wrong…wrong for stating FACTS.

Honestly, no need to mute, as i have grown tired myself of the bickering. When people would rather block out, than address certain topics it is all the red flag i need to know to steer clear.

I love what USCCA is and what it stands for, and even though i will bow out of this topic, i will still check in from time to time in the hopes to see a more diverse community that’s willing to talk about some of our nations darkest topics and bridge the gaps that divide us.

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@Ben_Blanc, this Community has set guidelines (see Community Guidelines) for commenting and corresponding actions that will happen if comments fall outside of the Community Guidelines.


Does the NFAC identifying themselves as the militant warrior arm of BLM make them Neo Nazi?



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I read the guidelines again, I don’t see where i violated…i guess it comes down to perception. I have before, and do again recommend a committee be assigned the task to evaluate these matters, not a single individual. This community should be an extension of American democracy…not a dictatorship.

Today USCCA has roughly 300,000 members and swings heavily to one side. However, I believe one day it will reach 3 million…won’t be so one sided then.

Today, you have some individuals trying to shut down any questions, comments, or topics they are not comfortable discussing and it goes un checked.

I do not know the answer to your question @Zavier_D, however i will say this…again


You seem to like to pick and choose when something means something sinister.

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@Zavier_D why do you keep coming at me, I never stated if anyone was sinister or not, this is also false.

I stated some racists individuals and groups use certain words, slogans, and phrases to communicate within their circle. Context is key. Warrior is a word that describes many, it is neutral. However, “warrior poet” has context. Not only is warrior poet used in said circles, Odinism which where it derives from, is also part of said circles belief. A bi-product of norse paganism.
So you see, my concern is justified, not an accusation or a smear, simply a concern. I thought i would get good feed back about this concern, but instead I have been met with negativity, to the point where some members have literally (muted) segregated themselves, even though we have not exchanged harsh words or been disrespectful, but simply because they do not agree, or are simply unwilling to have certain conversations…good ol’ segregation :expressionless:

As this thread has gone off topic it is closed.