Warning, Handcuffs

Just received an email this morning that a Firearm Manufacturer is giving Handcuffs to persons purchasing their product.
My warning is, some states do not allow handcuffs to be carried by their citizens.
Even if you have a Concealed Carry Permit for firearms.
I use to lock a pair on my motorcycle front mag wheel and the other end to my front end down tube so knowone could roll the motorcycle away.
A group of us were stopped by State Police Officers, ( I will not identify the state for certain reasons) and our packs were searched. My motorcycle security cuffs were found and I was told knowone except law enforcement could be in possession of them in that state. The officer understood my explanation of what I was using them for and just warned me.
Like anything else pertaining to your security, check your states statues.


The deal you are talking about is only open to serving or retired LEO.
Not sure about state rules for retired LEO.

But a good point nonetheless.
Always know your state’s laws for everything, including restraining devices, pepper spray, knives, etc.


Carrying handcuffs by anybody who isn’t issued them professionally is a bad idea and possibly illegal

Use of them by someone not professionally using them in the course of duty is probably a very bad idea


Thank you Bill170, I knew I forgot a part.
Got to remember to read articles three times before I speak or write.
I was caught up in memories of my past.


Another reason I never would carry handcuffs with me is an attorney bringing that up in court trying to paint me as someone who wants to pretend/try to be a police officer. Those would NOT be good optics in front of a jury.

Thanks for sharing this @William377!


I have 4 pair of handcuffs from when I was a Corrections Officer, I would never consider carrying them off duty.

These are the ones use at home. :smirk:



Too much info😳

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FWIW, back in the dark ages, we were instructed to secure our sidearms (revolvers) when not being carried by using our handcuffs, one either in the trigger guard behind the trigger or through the top strap, the other around a closet rod or similar.


Ahaha I can say relate. On those style cuffs are on the tame end. Lol


We had a District attorney in my area, That was procecuted, Fired and disbarred for carrying a badge and possibly cuffs. I think he had actually stopped someone. I have to correct this. It was not the reason he was fired. I think it was something do with performance of his duties

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