Baton Suggestions


I know some of you guys mentioned carrying a baton for another non-lethal EDC item in the situation that drawing your gun isn’t warranted. Which brings up the question: what are some good batons to get out there?
And I know that someone (I think it was @Tankrachet86) brought up the fact that it’d be better in court to get actual baton training instead of escrima but I was wondering what to do in the case that I can’t find or afford a baton class but am in possession of a baton?

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I personally have a 26" collapsible baton from when I was in security, but I had to have a certification to carry it then. Double check state and local laws as I know there some places they are not allowed. That being said, with proper training and tactics they can be extremely effective. The only disadvantage I accredit these and the same with knives is proximity. You must get very close to an attacker to use effectively. (Personal preference) I want something I can use to create distance or maintain distance from an attacker. As I said before I want to avoid getting to close to an unarmed attacker to avoid the possibility of losing control of my weapon during a grappling match


That’s understandable. But that’s where you have to pick your battles and get additional training in hand-to-hand isn’t it @Andrew?


I agree with the picking your battles 100% my time training in jiu jitsu did help me learn a hard lesson no matter how good you are there is always someone better and bad luck goes a long way. I see a fist fight as a gamble not worth taking, when you have a firearm on you, if it can be avoided or prevented in any way. I want to keep anyone far enough away there is zero chance of it becoming a struggle over my firearm.


Right. And really in some ways it seems that it’s better to have a bright light on you to blind them and hopefully find a way out or if you have to, shoot them, if you’re cornered and in that sort of situation.
It seems that there’s always someone out there who’s willing to pick a fight over nothing, not that it’s ever happened to me since I don’t get out of the house much.

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Best way to avoid confrontation is to avoid people.

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That’s true. After I started to carry I started to like crowds less and less because of the larger possibility of there being a threat and the fact that it’s much harder to spot one in large crowds.

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I’m 31 now but I can remember as a kid in school always being told get to a crowded area for protection, now days I hate going to places like the mall, movie theater, ect. The way things are now they dont look like fun they look like soft targets and not worth the risk, while I could live without my wife and kids still enjoy a socal lifestyle as such I constantly keep my head on a swivel (to be honest its exhausting).


I can understand that. Being on guard constantly is mentally exhausting. Being homeschooled has its advantages. We never did get out to the theater much due to money and the only crowded places I ever go is the store. Even then I’m always looking for someone suspicious as I walk through the store.
And didn’t you mean that you couldn’t live without your wife and kids? the sentence just doesn’t make much sense the way you said it.


I meant I could live without theater, malls and crowds, but the family still enjoys it so I tolerate them. Home schooling is what we are trying with our children but more to have an influence on their education as well as safety these days


Right. For me it was because my parents were disgusted with what the public HS was teaching so they wanted to give me a better education. One from a biblical worldview as we’re Christian. I appreciate the ability to carry while doing classes because I’m at home. It’s an ability that I try to not take for granted.

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I understand what you’re saying, @Andrew. I’d rather be at home than a movie theater. However there are other places that draw a crowd that I still love - concerts for one.

While I know it may be a risk to go to one unarmed (because you don’t have a choice at many venues), I refuse to let that dissuade me from enjoying my life.

It’s a balance. We shouldn’t have to worry about our safety, but we do. And we can’t let that deter us from the things we truly enjoy.

And if someone uses safety as an excuse to not go to the mall instead of it’s boring and expensive to go to the mall, I won’t rat them out :wink:


Everyone has their own comfort level. I personally don’t feel comfortable going somewhere unarmed which I why I’m hoping that when I actually get my career going that I will be able to carry while at work and off of work.
But the other part is that I’ve become content hanging at home because I have everything I need at home. Plus going out gets really expensive.
But that’s cool that you can go to a concert and not let the fact that you’re unarmed deter you.


Batons become questionable when you carry them for defense on your person. The asp
(collapsible) ones come with disadvantages as they can inflict severe trauma when used
incorrectly. Okay so does a firearm even when used correctly, the baton can be seen as
a provocation like a bat in a gang issue. It is hard to conceal especially if using for defense and it may not be readily put to use when needed.
And there is always that prosecutor in a trial or the family’s attorney in a civil suit that
would salivate over your use of one. Even if your use was justified and you did not act
These are just some thoughts coming from a security officer training and also thinking
like a civilian devil’s advocate.
I might have one in my car but not necessarily on my person.

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Asp makes good batons but i think the bonowi camlock is the best. If you can’t afford training watch youtube videos of drills you can do and do them with a friend. I’ve done kali and police baton training. Kali is way more effective.

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