3 Basic but Important Concepts of Self Defense

I specifically Like #2, You NEED to get them reacting to you as fast as you can.

"I have zero desire for violence, unless I have no other option…

But there’s continued crime raging in many cities in the U.S. and it isn’t going to get better any time soon. (At least while Biden is in office.)

So, in case you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, here are 3 laws of hand-to-hand combat.

First, control the distance.

In a road rage situation, don’t get out of your car and confront the psycho. That obviously lessens the distance you have between him and you.
Instead, keep driving and bite your tongue and swallow your pride.
When I lived in Baltimore City, I would have “shady characters” come up to me and try to get right up in my face.
I would put my hands out and say, “please stay back.”
If they kept coming then I would yell “GET BACK” and that would usually take care of it.
Don’t be afraid to cause a scene if someone is getting too close to you.

Second, the attacker must react to you – not you to him.
Be on the offensive and be aggressive.
Criminals expect most people to be easy victims and they don’t expect people to defend themselves.
If someone grabs you and threatens to attack you and you suddenly start landing blows on them…
They will not be ready for it and won’t be prepared to react.

The third law is destruction of the attacker.
What does this mean?
It means do not stop fighting and defending yourself until the threat is truly stopped.
There have been many instances where the good guy didn’t finish the attacker, and the attacker got up and ended up killing him.
In the event of a home invasion, you’re not just going to fire one round and stop.
You’re going to fire as many shots as it takes to stop the person from killing you.
This might be 3 shots or 13 shots. It doesn’t matter how many. You fire until the threat is no longer trying to kill you.
Those are 3 simple, but important laws of self-defense from my friend Ernest Emerson.
Hopefully, you never need them, but the chances are increasing each day as our politicians get softer and softer on crime.
This is why I recommend knowing as much about self-defense as you can and that includes the knowledge below that saved a 64-year-old man and his wife from an attack.

Stay safe,

Jason Hanson"


This :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:
Growing up we were taught if you get your attacker down, don’t let them get back up.


Stay down or get put back down!

I did it once, bet your ass I can do it again.

From the other side though,…

Yep, that didn’t work, try something different!


I like every word written by @Mike164 . :metal:

It is a long version of simple quote “never be an easy target”.


Be polite, be professional, have a plan…


Better ideas:
Don’t let yourself get into a position where you need to defend yourself.
Don’t allow yourself to be prey.
Stay left of bang.
As the old saying goes, “the superior man uses his superior mind to avoid situations which may require the use of his superior skills.”

Anything beyond that is gravy.


To kill everyone in the room….


Does anyone have experience with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? There is a place nearby which teaches classes. I am a senior and could use some self-defense training.


But with some balance so yet another victim doesn’t end up in jail. My objective wouldn’t be so much as “…destruction of the attacker” as it would “stop the threat”. If I can break the attacker’s leg and evade, that’s a victory. That might be different if I was inside my own home vs in a public parking lot. But outside my home, I only need to incapacitate the attacker to the point that I can evade and call 911. Once the threat is stopped, any additional violence could put me in jail.


I do, I trained 10th Planet (Eddie Bravo) for a few years and now I train under a Pedro Saur Black Belt. Honestly, for the man on the street, I would recommend Krav Maga. It’s simple and effective. It’s the prime example of Hit & Git. Trash the little bastard and get the hell out of there. Krav training can also be great for flexibility and conditioning, it doesn’t require a lot of ground work but it does have that element AND It’s A Blast, It Really Is FUN.


I’ve heard two main criticisms of Krav Maga from a self defense perspective and maybe you can provide your thoughts on the criticisms. I haven’t looked into it too much because of this.

  1. It hinges on being significantly faster than your opponent. It’s good for Jackie Chan, but not for George Foreman.
  2. It emphasizes take downs rather than striking and incapacitating your attacker, leading to rule 3 above (just because your attacker is on the ground does not mean he’s out of the fight).

#1 Nope, The Krav Style I have trained and practiced for the last 5-6 years is based on Domination not speed. I don’t have to be real fast to rip both of your eyes out when you grab me around the throat…
#2 Exactly Opposite, Krav was designed to allow soldiers to disable an oponent quickly and get on down the road. There are Krav moves for fighting on the ground but what I would recommend to you would be more traditional Krav moves, Nuts, Eyes, Small Joint manipulation…


Cheat. If they are close throw something in their eyesand finish the task!


There is no fair fight, kick ‘em in the jewels!


Absolutely, Do what it takes to win!


That’s the difference between training “Fighters” and Teaching “Self Defense”.


What Clint Smith (THUNDER RANCH) taught me;
Krav, Jim80 is useful (for me) because of my Titanium legs and being (63)
I’m NOT getting on the ground w/ somebody and Grappling w/ them, I’m a Turtle on the ground.
I come in hard and fast! Do extreme damage and (hopefully leave even faster w/ them
broken and bleeding on the ground wondering what phucking truck hit them)… was it UPS? Fed EX?
One of Krav’s slogans is “The Art of folding clothes with people still in them”
Great for all ages, Men, Women and Children, No weapons needed—YOU ARE THE WEAPON.
You kick a twinky in the chops, clap their ears, grind your heal on their instep (etc) GAME OVER (for them)
If you add ‘Enhancements’ OC gel to the face and collapsible baton you have what the British consider a "Mixed Fruit Pudding!’ You widen your defensive capabilities and can adjust your response to the situation. I bring up additional ‘Toys’ for the simple fact is you MAY have more than (1) attacker.
These days thugs are pooooosie’s and attack from all directions w/ multiple offenders (as with the recent
New York city gang assault on the Police. The Gel disables and with the baton you swing for the fences.
But to reinforce what others have said Numero Uno ! FINISH THE JOB! If it’s w/ Self Defense by hand or a Gun…DEAD PERPS TELL NO TAILS! I AM NOT looking over my shoulder for the rest of my days waiting for
the Pooosie brigade: The revenge.
Mi dos Pesos
adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


As Jon says on ASP, be the hunter not the rabbit. As a few have already said there is no such thing as a fair fight especially when getting mugged or robbed. Throw sand in their face, take out a knee, hit’m in the balls, throat jab/punch. Make them think of needing to do a vital body function like breathing to escape.

Also if said person gets inside your reactionary gap, remember it works for you too! Also don’t just run away, run to safety. The bad guy could get up and catch you and he won’t have any mercy on you.


@Mike164 - Thanks, I will look further into this. This sounds even better for seniors who are not as limber as they used to be. Totally agree about whatever it takes. I saw somewhere else that sand or dirt in the eyes is pretty effective (if available). Disable the eyes and an opponent is pretty helpless.


I order now from the healthier 55+ page of the Denny’s menu. I’m not surviving hand-to-hand combat.

if you’re not cheating, you’re not doing it right.