Basic training in self-defense, amazing if you had this in your muscle memory.

“Thai boxing street self-defense skills”


If you drop your left hand to your waist when you throw a right, your asking to get your a$$ knocked out. I can’t count how many times a day I yell across the gym, Keep you hand UP…

Look what the guy on the left does with his hands.


Thank you for your information and if your military
trained, well done.


This is a great technique but in my classes I always teach people to bring their hands up in a non-threatening way (I’ve heard the position referred to as the negotiator). The placement is about where you have your hands if you were boxing/kickboxing, but the hands are open. If you think you are in about to be in a physical altercation, there is no reason at all to not have your hands up to protect your CPU.

The negotiator also has the added benefit of being a clear de-escalation signal, “hey dude, calm down” and will go a long way toward creating witnesses that will state to the cops, “yeah that guy didn’t want any trouble.” The negotiator also, sets you up for a rapid defense and response should that be needed.

That is the only thing I would alter about this instruction. Do your best to not let an aggressor get that close, if that isn’t possible (these things can happen quite fast after all), bring your hands up to be a barrier.