I know this is an obscure subject and is similar to car jacking. I was trained by various Diplomatic Security Service officers at US Embassies and Consulates in Iraq and Afghanistan to violently resist immediately. That is perhaps your only chance. I used this theory twice in Afghanistan and escaped both times and I was not armed. It just surprises most bad guys and gives us that small edge. Are there any thoughts or opinions?


Most (but not all) “bad guys” are not looking for any confrontation. They are looking for easy prey. So if you fight like your life depends on it, and it usually does, you have a better chance of living through it. And when you do resist, there are no rules or such a thing as a “fair fight”. Scream, yell, kick, grab, poke, gouge, twist, spit, etc. I would rather die on the spot than be taken to another location. Nothing good happens when you are taken somewhere else.


Absolutely agreed with you @George20 - resist immediately.
I’m jealous about your training ! That had to be a great stuff !

So far I’ve been using other technique - avoid to be kidnapped. I’m nobody on this World, so my technique doesn’t need to be perfect.


I’m with @Jerzy,
That had to be beneficial getting that training.


I have to agree with @TexasEskimo, which is not hard to do. In a potential or actual kidnapping / snatch and grab situation the odds are in your favor if you can remain on location or break contact and evade. The simple truth is that most Americans are not used to the concept of extreme violence. The concept of being taken off the street or beaten is totally foreign to them. That includes 2A CCW carriers.

I learned a simple lesson that is very hard for American’s to swallow, taught to me by the Israeli Mossad.

“If attacked, react and respond with the maximum violence that you can muster, most attackers are cowards. If they stand their ground, fight like your life depends on it, because it does.”

I’m still walking around, a little battered but still mobile.




Getting an advantage on them, put on your war face and scare the hell out of them, If anything make them think you are crazier then they are and take control.


I worked alongside of these warriors as well while in the Middle-East. They are not to be poked or prodded. They are very well disciplined and always either deployed, training, or observing.


So a visual summary…


I’ve mentioned it a few times. Statistics are not kind to those who get taken from one crime scene to another.


I have always told my daughters and wife. No matter what, a gun in your face or knife under your neck, fight and/or die right there rather than go to their private torture chamber.

If it’s a hostage situation and I’m there with a firearm, I’ve told them unlike on TV, I will NEVER disarm and set the gun down, NEVER! I’ve told them to just slightly tilt your head to the side furthest from their head.


Hope you don’t mind I moved this to the Self-Defense category, @George20.

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It is a great subject. If someone tries to drag you into their vehicle -there is little doubt about what to do. Now, if someone tries to drag you out of your vehicle, or block your vehicle to be in a better position to drag you out of it. Here is just one example, there are many more.

What does Diplomatic Security Service and Mossad teach about this type of situation?

I am going to guess they would say “Shoot them”. And if the driver does not have a weapon, I am going to guess their advice would be to “Slam down the tall thin pedal on the right”.
No one is going to drag me out of my car alive… ever.


If you are in your car, doors and windows locked, watch out for any of this, and evade and escape if you see it

  • people trying to roll your vehicle on its side
  • any kind of barricade put in front or behind
  • attempts to slash tires
  • Molotov cocktails or any other incendiaries
  • attempts to pull on door handles or break the windows

Welcome to correct or add to the list


You have to be careful, as with any self-defense scenario. A moving vehicle is a deadly weapon. Can you convince a prosecutor or a jury that you needed to take a given action in order to preserve your life or the lives of those in your car? You might have a little more leeway if the person in the backseat is a diplomat and the person in front of you has a Tommy Gun. If it’s just you behind the wheel facing down some college protesters who are blocking traffic, you will have a tough time articulating your decision to run them down.

You may even expect air support from F15s and Apaches. Not so much if its just your children in the backseat. You always have to be careful not to overreact, but also remember -only you can save you. Ask the guy who was beaten into pulp in the video. As far as college protesters burning cars, that’s happened just recently in Berkeley.

When did this turn into being about a bodyguard for a diplomat? And a Tommy Gun, really? What country are you referring to? And then to turn a thread about imminent danger into college kids “blocking” a car is pretty extreme. We are way past “blocking” in this discussion.

Yep. I is articulate.


DSS was emphatic that you NEVER stop. Very simple.


Sorry for dropping this today. I was out shooting at a great outdoor and private range.

This kidnapping occured in Kabul in 2013. I was no longer working at the Embassy but managing a non-profit with no security. My old friends in the DSS told me I had a death wish.
I got a new driver that I hadn’t had—red flag 1. Then he drove in the wrong direction–red flag 2. I called my translator and asked him to straigten out the driver. When I handed him my cell he three it out the window-- red flags 3&4. He slowed at a curve and a guy with an AK tried to get in and I rolled out my door. It happens so fast. You have to be constantly vigilant. Complacency kills.


It’s just about using appropriate levels of force, no different than firearms.

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