The Great Escape

Something new to learn and always having a plan. Your smart.


Who in real life ties the hands in front? Who in real life doesn’t crisscross the rope while tying the hands behind the victim? Every time I see one of these escapes with the hands tied in front I think, “Duhhh. You can probably untie the knot in front of the perp. He’s too stupid to notice.”


Not everyone is smart or thinks. We both learned our fundamentals and defensive
training from videos, books, and instructions,
then we train in the field with a firearm.

I sincerely hope that we do not face an attacker
of any type but we take these simple training
Tools and out smart the enemy, not use force on someone. Firearm is the last resort and as I
carry each day and I have help using Situational Awareness and we learn that every day.

I am not military either and we do not tell the
Bad guy what we know. Please stay safe and thank you.

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That is why you tie someone up with duct tape and zip ties! or even bailing wire! Not rope, what is this, medieval times?


With trained people there is a big difference
on situations like these videos. Greatest thing to do is to out smart the attacker; not being there
In the first place.

Your correct, but these are only examples and
to help think things through.

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