Warning - Do Not do this on here or the Internet

2:30 am:
Loud and repeated knocking on front door.
Wife, “What’s that?”
You, “???” Do I take a firearm and which
one? Carry and get shot.
Don’t carry and risk a
“OPEN UP”. BATAF!!! We’re here to help

Think about it, friends. Think all about it.

Arm yourself first, call USCCA next.


I was not here


USCCA Community

Warning - Do Not do this on here or the Internet

Double warning- This here IS the internet, and this here IS social media.


and what you say matters!


I don’t use Facebook, Instagram, X (even though Elon let me back after Jack Dorsey banned me) Snapchat, YouTube (I avoid all Google offering and services including Chrome). I also deleted my LinkedIn won’t use Edge Browser or Bing AI for personal life, because I see Microsoft are globalists). I left Nextdoor (owned by FB too) and stopped public dialog on Ring (Amazon) after hearing they can ban your doorbell access if you behave in a non woke way on video. I refuse to use Alexa or Siri and disabled the Mic on my smart TVs. I won’t use smart home tech because the day is coming when the Utilities will control your energy usage.
Who have I missed? Yeah,… the smart phone manufacturers and the Mobile carriers. I have to use minimal features to survive.

I’m not bragging and know this is sad actually, but I do not trust any tech company after seeing the way they all behaved during the Wuhan flu, after J6 & the way Congress behaved renewing the “Patriot Act” and watching the left weaponize even the DOJ against any who disagree with their Socialist agenda.

I will not ever adopt CBDC (FedNow) and encourage everyone to fight that (buy Bitcoin instead), use more cash in my day to day (the Banks are not our friends either.

I pray to God that our country doesn’t accept AI to replace what we do and ask for the Lord to guide me every day and give me a way to have more like minded people in my life.


One it’s on the net. It’s there! What is it they call it. The Cloud. Sandra Bullock was in a movie years ago called the net :us:


“disabled the Mic on my smart TVs.”

How did you do this?

Don’t forget your car, it’s about as private as the American embassy building in Moscow.

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All my TVs are LG.
all Settings; General; Accessibility; Audio Guidance
Disable it.

And my car is a 2003. Lol