Walther, Steyr, H & K, S & W

Any good or bad experiences, here? I have an ongoing’ interest in Steyr DAOs - particularly in their sights, but if their key-lock feature is still etched in stone, I can pass it by. Certainly, the ergonomics are there.

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I have a good deal of experience with all but the Steyr. Loved all three, particularly the Walther. I personally think the PPQ series is the most underrated duty pistol on the market. If it weren’t for my lifelong experience with Sig and investment in the 229/320 platforms I’d be carrying one everyday.

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If you look for great product, I’ll suggest H&K as the first choice, then Walther, then S&W…then …:thinking: and finally Steyr.

Ok…perhaps it’s unjust opinion, but I’ve shot rented Steyr and I confirmed my opinion they should stay in truck business…


Thanks - H & K is one make I haven’t paid enough attention to - when the PPQ hit the market, gunwriters went gah-gah over their triggers and ergonomics. Too bad about Steyr - its totally different sights really impressed me, but key-locks don’t belong on any firearms. I’ve got to get a list together, and hit the local shops.

@KURT17 any particular models in your mind? “DAO” phrase can be understand differently or even wrongly, especially with striker fired handguns.

You can treat PPQ and VP9 as exactly the same quality level. I couldn’t find any differences in shooting comfort. The only difference is levers positioning.
With hammer handguns, I’ll go with P30 LEM - I think this is the best DAO handgun.
Regarding Steyr - all is about personal preferences. If you really like this one, you may find it a great shooter for you. I’ve just had a chance to shoot it along with few other handguns and found it very bad for me.

Love all of my Walthers and HK. Own one S&W and it has been…fine.

Is the Steyr S9-A1 the best CCW Pistol?

• I’m gonna show some ignorance, yet hopefully that won’t detour you to learning from my observations.

• I got this CCW for myself to quality for the CCL range testing. During the months waiting for carry card to arrive in mail I researched what I just bought and how to find appropriate holster for myself.

• I purchased the Steyr based on handling experience only while in pawn shop. Asked if it came with the box and extra magazine, if so it was sold. It was then I did online research to verify what I just did as a good or bad purchase…or just mediocre. I was pleasantly surprised the firearm seemed to match my personality, but also positive features outweighing the cons from my POV. The low axis bore and the large beaver tail along w/ simple safety trigger works spo[t]’-on with me. I like the low recoil and easy to use 3-dot night sights to get on target.
• At the time of purchase, this was summer of 2019, …ah, the good times, but I lest I get sidetracked…the number of rounds to carry was not on my radar. It’s only been a couple of months since I now carry an extra mag at all times for 20 count total available on my body. That’s enough for most of my mission plans to remain safe, alive, and well.
• finding holsters has not been awful, but also not perfectly seamless.

:x: I promised I would divulge on some ignorance: the photo above shows where the grip near the web of the hand is starting to peel loose from the gun. I contacted the Steyr firearm company as to suggested remedy to “their gun”. Needless to say, the first email sent w/out the photos showing my concern was replied with them suspecting this as email scam attempt. I sent photo(s) with follow-up email…and it was then I learned that this grip was an aftermarket add-on & not original to the manufacturer. #duh I should have known better w/ all my readings…I just assumed that since I loved my firearm so much it was born that way.
Sadly, they didn’t give great solution outside of cutting the peeling grip. It was a simple fix: clean area better-than-good & use contact cement on both surfaces, let surfaces dry before…permanent fix.

Errt, time to get the wife lunch; that’s all for now. Cheers!

No preference in particular - I’ve tried to stay current with the market, but there’s always something new somewhere to catch you off-guard.

Current with the market… Impossible, you will have to get a new handgun every quarter… :laughing:
For me the current best shooting tool is M&P9 2.0 with Apex Trigger Kit. I can say it shoots even better than PPQ or VP9 :muscle:

Love, love, LOVE all my Walthers. Very good experiences with all models I’ve used. Have carried CCP, am carrying PPQ Navy, have a PPX.

I am offended by H&K over their boycott of Israel. Will not own one.

S&W…Shield shoots well (very well), safety is painful to use, and very difficult. Has easy takedown, but only tells you about the hard way.


Was not aware of this…thanks for the heads up


Have S & W MP Shields in 9 and 40, and they have been very reliable, accurate, and durable.

I own a Walther & H&K. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

I had a S&W M&P 9. :+1:t5:

I have no experience with Steyr. Read up & watch as many reviews as you can. Let us know what you think if you get one.


The newest pistol - the A2 - is only offered in 9mm, and retains the key-lock on their earlier models. I’m partial to the .40, and keys have no business on a handgun - I can pass it by.

M&P shield in .45acp is my EDC, and I have a lot of other pricier alternatives if I wanted to carry them. But I don’t.