WALSH: The Media Is Presenting A False Choice On The Coronavirus


I need a whole lot more likes for that - exactly my thoughts, only better rendered.


The absolutes kill me. What the media is missing is that there are so many shades of grey in this situation.

  • A lot of people can work from home - a lot cannot.
  • A month without pay will hurt - no question about that. But how quickly can we recover from a month without pay, especially with the check from the government?
  • How many mortgage companies and land lords are offering a skipped or discounted payment?
  • There are jobs opening up for essential work that require little experience, but can you risk the exposure?
  • How would overwhelming the healthcare system effect the death toll if we didn’t shelter in place?
  • How much damage did those who ignored the stay home request do?
  • What are the experts really saying (not the slant the media is spinning)?
  • Who are you willing to risk to go back to “life as usual”?

This whole situation is scary on many fronts. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

Family means the world to me - and I would give up a lot to save them. So I will shelter at home … and probably grumble about it a bit … but at least I get to grumble to my loved ones who are also taking precautions to be safe and we will all come out the other side safe and sound, hopefully.


…and yet, how many people have come down with and died from the flu vs the numbers from this “pandemic”? I’ve been suspicious of this from the start. Yes, it’s concerning how fast and mysteriously it has spread but the numbers of sick and dead just do not justify the level of panic that has been spread. It seems to me there is a completely different way of handling this and some in the medical fields are finally getting a chance to say the same.

I don’t mean to sound flippant about this. Maybe its the biker in me that understands managing risk and considering all of the options available. Hell, that would also pertain to us 2A folk. That and the fact that with the media’s record in fairly recent history, I don’t believe a damned thing they say anymore. You can only claim the sky is falling for so long…


I’m more inclined to believe the doctors than the media. As a biker who carries, I’m with you on managing risk. And as responsible people who also drives a car when bikes are around, we’re very cautious about other people’s health/wellbeing as well.

I think it’s a fine line - but because people I love are high risk, I’m willing to give a little leeway. If we get to late summer and nothing has changed, we’re probably going to have issues. But I’m betting it’s not nearly that long (it only feels like it!).

At least I can be on my motorcycle when it’s nice out :smiley:

Put a bit over 100 mi on yesterday social distancing. Rode past the National Park of Speed:

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I road mine to vote today! It was amazing - 72 and sunny!

The thing that bugs me about this is the numbers don’t add up to the panic. I am no expert, but around 250,000 people in the US die from medical malpractice a year. Do we avoid hospitals? Heart disease is even more per year if I am not mistaken. Do we have mandatory exercise?

I don’t have the answers, but I have questions about this deal. N1H1, Swine Flu, no shutdown of the economy. $1200 to lets just say 200 million Americans = $240,000,000,000. $600 a week to say 75 million people for 16 weeks = $720,000,000,000…

Ever wonder how they came up with $600 a week additional Federal unemployment? I don’t know, but they sure have been pushing for a $15 and hour “livable income” for a while… Hmm, 600 / 40 = ?? 15.

I think it was Raum Emanual who said something like “never let a crisis go to waste”. Methinks some congress critters are using this crisis to advance their goals.

Crap, out of tin foil for tonight. :grinning:


Hopefully the numbers won’t be anywhere near what they were predicting. But I’m betting the numbers will be manipulated to show what they want them to show - it happens with a fair number of topics IMO.

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How many people have died recently that had Wuhan? Did they die of the Wuhan flu, or an existing condition… I have seen many reports of people who died, but what was the cause of death?

I don’t hear much about hydrocloroquine (sp) and Z-pac on the mainstream news. Have seen people accuse Trump of having a financial interest in the companies that make it though.

I can say with certainty that the number of people who have been infected are vastly greater than what can eaven be reported. This is done to skew the numbers of deceased. I can also say that eaven people who were already in a hospice situation and passed are being tested and if the antibodies are present for Covid their death is attributed to the virus. And that goes for other critically sick folks as well. I could go on and on but will spare everyone . I have numerous friends and family in healthcare and they are appalled. I’m not saying it isn’t a bad virus I’m merely pointing out how it’s being spun to the masses.


I think the U.S. has taken a wrong path on this, but once the media created fear in the minds of the public, no other pathway was acceptable to those who were frightened.

We let ourselves be driven to bad choices. Perhaps it has something to do with all the pandemic movies that have been made in the last ten years? Hollywood has prepared people to panic and fear the “end of civilization” as we know it.

However, in case one wants to explore other reactions…

Sweden has implemented a far more moderate and measured approach which seems to be working, at least within their own social context. I am always wary of importing European social policy, Scandinavian policies in particular, and expecting them to succeed in America. Despite our superficial similarities, American society, culture, and environment has evolved to be very different from its ancestral roots in the “old country”.

What Sweden has done which is worthy of emulation is to craft a national response based on hard data and reason. Their approach seems to mitigate the deadlier effects of the immediate crisis while also producing a healthier, more resistant population moving forward. An American policy crafted with these same goals in mind might have looked very different from our current state of affairs, and, more importantly, produced a more beneficial long term result.

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I don’t link to Fox News often, but this was interesting.

This has been a subject which holds interest to me.

Yes, the numbers don’t seem to add up to the panic, especially when 80-90% of the infected have either mild symptoms or none at all.

Hell, I honestly think my family had this go through the house back in February. The symptoms and timeline match up very well.
But without an antibody test that works at least 99%, there’s no real telling.

Anyway, the very fact that the mainstream media has politicized this against the President shows me that it may not be as serious as they are trying to panic-pump us into believing.

There was a video I had seen recently on citizen reporters filmingn hospitals in California, Illinois and New York where certain locations are “hot spots” or “war zones”. Every location seemed to be either empty or nearly empty, with many amublances sitting idle around the building with EMTs sitting on their cell phones.
A hospital in Corona, CA was filmed with signs that indicated that there was a “Drill” being conducted at the facility.

And a personal friend of mine in Rockford, IL went on a drive and found that his local hospitals had all these tents and whatnot set up in the parking lot…that had no one in them. He checked.

So, is this thing real? Yes. But I really do question the seriousness of it. I doubt it. I have had too much consumption of false flag-like events in the past twelve years to convince me that the Black Death has reemerged in viral form.

This could very well be an exploitation of a real crisis(a term I will use loosely) to see how much restriction we as a people will tolerate before we break bad on our masters, so to speak.


Let me know if this isn’t allowed…

Here is a video documentary I was presented with earlier Saturday.

It explores the origins of the Wuhan Virus as one discovered, then re-engineered at the Wuhan Institute’s microbiology lab.

It’s 55 minutes long and the final five or so minutes of it does sound like a rally to go against the Chinese Communist Party, but the 50 minutes beforehand is compelling, especially with the portion that shows that the virus’ spike proteins were either replaced or augmented with those of HIV(Around the 21:00 mark).

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i have a lot to say about this but won’t. especailly when it comes to government intrusion in people’s lives.

I’ve got to go with the numbers don’t add up and the media is over hyping this whole mess. From these crazy “Models” that we are not allowed to question (reminds me of climate change) to the actual infection/death rates which are totally skewed because there is no way to know how many people are infected vs how many people were infected.

The CDC is telling physicians that Covid-19 is viable “cause of death”, UUUuuummmm no it’s not! Acute respiratory failure, yes.

Then there is the Vice President saying that 9 out of 10 people tested DON’T have Covid-19. OK, to get tested you have to have symptoms, so what are they sick from? The hospital my wife works at says if you have X,Y & Z symptoms (the same as the regular flu) you are presumed to have Covid-19 but are not tested.

Then there is the media. Where to start with that bunch? The day the infamous 1.1 - 2.4 Million deaths if we do nothing “model” was aired it reminded me of the run up to a Cat 5 Hurricane. In the matter of a week the numbers are down to 60K. But the media will do anything thy can to make the President look bad.

Remember 6 months ago some late night comedian was calling for a recession, well here it is.

When the reports began to come out about Chloroquine and Z-Pack’s the news media was gleefully reporting it and a possible breakthrough. As soon as Trump mentioned it, the idea became stupid, uninformed and dangerous. Then Fauchi seemed to support that, by saying it’s not been tested and vetted for this disease and the media lost their minds. Fauchi is a statistician with a medical background, if a drug does not have a double blind test approved by the FDA and run through all the trials it is not to be used, that is engraved into his DNA, he’s a numbers guy. It doesn’t matter if it works. Then the news media runs right out and finds some Cardiologist with a bunch of letters behind his name to say it’s a dangerous drug. Every Rheumatologist on the planet collectively said “What?”, they are the ones that prescribe it every day not a cardiologist or doc in the box. Hell, every Vietnam veteran or vet that has been deployed to a malaria prone country has taken it. Anybody remember Daily - Daily’s and Weekly - Weekly’s?

And finally for the conspiracy theorists, think about this. What is China’s biggest problem? Answer: Overpopulation. What demographic does the Wuhan Flu target? Old, sick folks that can’t produce. Just say’n.




Just my opinion
With all the available hospital beds .
Everyone staying home .
No groups bigger than 10 people.
Everything going on in our world today.
If we are Expecting retaliation from any country or powerful groups of wealthy individuals.
The mortality rate will be very low .
Just my opinion.