Walk away

The best fight you can have is to never draw and walk away safely.


That’s true…
… but only if you can…
First AVOID, if you cannot -> DEESCALATE, if doesn’t work -> WIN THE FIGHT !


Exactly !!


It is best to win without fighting -Sun Tzu

Unless it’s unquestionably and undeniably a self-defense situation,
:notes: I’ll walk away from trouble if I can :notes:

Best situation is to not be where the fight is happening.


Bruce Lee, the art of fighting without fighting.


@Robert10: well said. Once the gun goes “boom” and the Bad Guy is dead, your fight isn’t over at all. There will very likely be legal ramifications, attention you don’t want, and living the remaining years of your life knowing you took a life. Sometimes it’s necessary, but it should always be a very last resort.

I CC just about everywhere I go, however I also carry pepper spray, something my carrying friends ridicule me about frequently. In my mind, IF I can safely spray a BG and make an escape, that will always be my first option. If not, I’ll go to the guns.


Good points indeed Paul1, to add onto that thought rather than pepper spray (suggests intent :wink: ) a friend said to use wasp/hornet spray !! It will shoot approx 20 ft and after all it’s meant to keep away bad guys as well as bugs !! :wink:


@Robert10, I’ve considered that as well, but studies have shown that it is actually very ineffective against “hooman” targets, and a little tougher to carry on your belt. :grin: All of that said I do have a couple cans staged around the house for just such a purpose. I’m an options guy …


That’s also highly illegal


Zavier_D, what’s illegal where ??
If you’re a contractor working outdoors here in the South you would be foolish not to have hornet spray close at hand. At the front door to my house there is often a wasp/hornet nest starting nearby, so I have wasp spray nearby, not pepper spray.


Mr. Robert: Sir

Just I have debated the Wasp/ Hornet
Spray for 2 years now, due to a young lady that mention to use Wasp Spray for self defense ( unarmed of course ).

If we have to go to court and jail for damaging someone’s eye sight or God Forbid, our threat dies due to that spray, we can be held reliable for that death. On top of that, if we are carrying our EDC too, it might cause us to be in more trouble. Faster way of getting a felony charge for the injuries or death.


Using Wasp spray on a human. Which also means your USCCA coverage would not cover it’s use, since it’s not a legal method of self defense.


Good job, I always can stand a update. I forgot to add it here. I told a few ladies at church not wise to use it and it came to my attention when I used it at at 27 feet and took out 21 wasp nest at pretty much that distance.

I promise you that I choose never to use it in self defense, never.

I have a couple of friends that are middle school in Florida and the spray is all they have, if so use it for protection; no firearms.


Really ?? Where is that written ??

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Is there an existing definition of legal method of self defense?


Not to be used on humans? Federal warning label on can, USCCA coverage? In your Terms of Service. Only legal weapons used in self defense can be covered. Wasp Spray illegal on humans so illegal weapon,no joy on coverage. There is quite an extensive thread on here about wasp spray.


Sorry meant illegal weapon.


But anyway… what is considered as illegal weapon if I can legally buy and posses it?

Fe: I spray attacker with hair spray and he fells out through the window and dies - USCCA is not going to help me? :thinking:


I’m not sure how the USCCA defines a legal weapon of self defense. But they make the distinction in the TOS, so I am sure they have criterion. Wasp Spray specifically is stated as illegal to be used on humans by Federal Law. So feel safe that it is an illegal weapon.


Sounds rationally. To be honest, I’ve never thought about it. It would be so easy to make a mistake and defend yourself with first available tool… which fe. might be Wasp Spray… :grimacing:
Another lesson learned - keep OC spray on you.

And now black humor: Is it legal to hit the attacker with the can of Wasp Spray? :thinking: